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Zelda - Breath of the Wild by chinchongcha Zelda - Breath of the Wild :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 2,426 141
Light and Shadows Chapter 5
Chapter 5; innocence and guilt
Part 1: Dark Link
"HYAA!" She swiftly moved about the water covered floor with her Shadow Sword dragging along the very top of it, creating ripples in the water without truly touching the ground. Her legs bent just enough to move her forward before bending much further to launch her into the air. Her sword sang as it cut through the air before doing the same to the scarred trunk of the dead tree that rested in the center of the room. Puffs of steam left her lips as she breathed deeply causing her growing chest to rise and fall in a steady pattern that slowed after only a short while. Her narrowed red eyes gazed around the room at the many creatures of the light that laid slain and left to rot away into the murky water around them; Some were strange creatures which could skitter across the water on four long but thin legs before using them to throw themselves in the air in order to attack, many more where the strange fish men that she had learned to call Z
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Light and Shadows Chapter 4
Chapter 4, stumbling through survival; Dark Link's chapter..
Three days and two nights she sat outside of the door to the meeting hall. Her masters voice could be heard clearly through the thick wood as well as the sound of his snores whenever no one else was around. Whatever business the king needed him for was important, more important than anything she had ever seen him do before. During those three days and two long nights she had caught glimpses of the prince walking the halls. On the third day she saw him watching her from around the corner and felt her cheeks redden. She must have looked pathetic sitting there in dirty clothes and with her hair in a mess, clearly not looking anything like a Twili should while visiting the castle. The prince on the other hand was every bit as elegant as one would expect. His long black hair had been fastened into a loose ponytail which started at the base of his skull and his robes where freshly pressed and draped around his body loosely as was c
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Light and Shadows Chapter 3
Chapter 3, ...getting lost and found. Link's chapter:
Link took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as he stood before the hollow sideways log that marked the entrance to the Lost Woods. Faintly he could hear the Skull Children's songs that lured many to their death. His throat went dry at the sound as memories of the grieving Kokiri filled his mind. He looked back at his home to see Saria watching him with a worried expression across her face. His brow furrowed as he bit his lip in order to steady it. She still saw him as a child but he wasn't anymore, he had finally been chosen to scout the woods in search of food and supplies and that was no job for a child. He felt that he had to prove to her that she did not need to worry about him. Just because he didn't have a fairy did not mean that he wasn't ready for such an important task, he would prove it to her and to all of them, then maybe he would be welcomed into their ranks and earn a fairy of his very own.
"Dead man walking." He
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Light and Shadows Chapter 1
Attention: though I have loved the series (it was the first game I have ever played and have played every one to date), I do not own Legend of Zelda or any of its characters. *sniffle* I know it's horrible *sniffle sniffle, whimper* don't look at me!
(Dark Link) "well that's just great. You broke the author, before she even got started."
(Link) "..."
(Dark Link) *sigh* "I hate you so much"
(Link) *shrugs*
(Dark Link) {grumbling} "stupid son of a- *sighs* "anyway on with the story. Please review so Added over there.." *points to Added-OC who is crying softly in a corner* "can tell how she's doing and knows whither or not to continue. Be nice though. She really loves our series."
Chapter 1 (birth)
Within every light there is a shadow, within every darkness there is a speck of light...
Part one: of silent light...
Link was born just as any other Hylian would be. Shoved from his mothers womb, covered in her blood and the slime from his birth. He did not make a sound as he entered the world
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Light and Shadows Chapter 2
Chapter 2: growing up is...
Part one, Dark Link:
"Damn it girl hurry up!" The tall dark skinned man looked down sat the scenery below him as he furrowed his thick red brows in anger. The tapping of his boot on the stone path could be clearly heard as the short female with shockingly white hair and skin the color of steel poked her head out of the doorframe that was the entrance to the manor where she had lived and worked all of her life for the outsider known as Gannon the wise. He was one of the kings favorite advisors, as well as a body guard whenever the king crossed the forbidden plain to check up on the mirror of lights temple. He had come through that very mirror long before she was created and had been a valuable asset ever since due to his connection to the world beyond it.
"I am coming Master Gannon." She called out only loud enough to be heard as she lowered her bright red eyes to the ground. For the last ten years she had been beaten relentlessly by the man she served for ra
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.:[Foh Q:10] Not the help you'd expect:. by Mochizuki-Rin .:[Foh Q:10] Not the help you'd expect:. :iconmochizuki-rin:Mochizuki-Rin 15 27
Part 1 - Prologue
I have never been good for riding horses. I think those beasts are scary and difficult to handle. But the day it all began, the horse I had stolen quickly became my best friend. That day, I was begging that horse to run away from those monsters. I was begging it to run faster.
They were coming. They were getting closer. They were angry. They were killers. Killers ready to beat me to death. Killers betrayed by my cowardice. I was a coward. I was a real coward. I did not want to stay with them. I wanted to be free. I wanted to lead my own life!
But then, I felt pain on my ribs. An arrow, of course! I fell off the horse and it kept running without me. At least one of us had made it! I had fallen on my ankle and it was terribly painful. But who cared? I was going to die. I took my sword out, hoping it could make me live some more minutes. I prayed. Who? I didn't even know. Godnesses. Din. Farore. I tried to remember the name of the other one… But hey! I really couldn’t care an
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commission - Fatal Silver Gaze by UNIesque commission - Fatal Silver Gaze :iconuniesque:UNIesque 78 16 Princess Zelda 2 by SkippyRulesTheWorld Princess Zelda 2 :iconskippyrulestheworld:SkippyRulesTheWorld 19 10 Fern for Mandy by StoneyAshes Fern for Mandy :iconstoneyashes:StoneyAshes 8 11 .:Zora Girl:. by buizelpeace .:Zora Girl:. :iconbuizelpeace:buizelpeace 8 8 Fern for Mandy by om-nom-berries Fern for Mandy :iconom-nom-berries:om-nom-berries 92 6 ERIN: Contest by Aianarie ERIN: Contest :iconaianarie:Aianarie 2 4 ::ERiN:: by brigette ::ERiN:: :iconbrigette:brigette 18 9
Our Summer time winners go as follows!

1st Place: Entry #6… by HylianGuardians
2nd Place: Entry #2… by mayday-daywalker
3rd Place: Entry #4… by Ririkaze

Also, I had a couple of members suggest a special honorable mention for MelonPiranha for his entry… due to the originality of the characters.  Not many people have deku scrub characters.  :)

HylianGuardians please send me a note of what your sketch request will be :)

I will get the subscriptions and features rolling in the next week or so ladies and gentlemen! Congratulations!


1st Place: 1 Year subscription to Deviant Art + 1 free sketch commission of your choice from me + showcase in my personal journal and in the group journal
2nd Place: 6 Month subscription to Deviant Art + club journal showcase
3rd Place: 3 Month subscription to Deviant Art + club journal showcase
More Journal Entries


Welcome everyone to Zelda OCs! This is a club specifically oriented towards artists and writers who enjoy creating original characters for the popular canon world of The Legend of Zelda video game franchise. This group focuses on the creativity and versatility of artists and writers, and is designed to be a collective of quality characters that are original in design for the Zeldaverse.

Please feel free to join the club if you have done artwork or fiction of an original character! But please keep in mind that there are some guidelines, as well as some minor stipulations to adhere to. These may seem nit-picky, but in the end they will help result in a better pruned and higher quality gallery of art!

Rules & FAQ:

:bulletred: Label in your artist comments what game your OC is from. If your OC is from an original Zelda title, please include the title of your original universe in your artist comments. If your original Zelda title is a sequel to--or is an off-shoot of an existing Zelda game, please include that Zelda game as well.

For example: Fern is from an Ocarina of Time original story Advent of Darkness, so I would submit all Fern artwork in Original Zelda Titles folder, as well as the Ocarina of Time folder.

:bulletred: Please submit your characters to their corresponding folder, along with labeling them.

:bulletred: Please limit your contributions to 2 per day. This rule is in place for the sake of being courteous to everyone who is a part of the group.

:bulletred: All artwork or writing that you submit must be drawn or written by you.

:bulletred: You do not have to limit your artwork submissions to only your character. You may also submit works you have done of other people's characters, so long as they are Zelda based OCs.

:bulletred: Please do not submit artwork of your OC drawn by someone else. If another person has drawn fanart of your character, please encourage that artist to join our group and submit the art of your character themselves. However, you may suggest submissions to this group of other people's artwork. This rule is mainly in response to art theft and preventing artwork stolen from other artists being submitted.

:bulletred: Flaming of any sort towards another person's art and/or ideas will result in expulsion from the group.

:bulletred: Critique is acceptable in this group, however as stated above, flaming is not considered critique and will not be tolerated.

:bulletred: People who are hypersensitive to critique are not suggested to join this group. (Also you should not be on DA or the internet)

:bulletred: You may submit as many character artworks as you would like, so long as they are of the Zelda Universe.

:bulletred: Cross Overs are absolutely not allowed. This includes but is not limited to characters who originate from Earth (our world). i.e. "Bonnie is a normal girl from earth, but is magically transported to Hyrule through the powers of the goddesses." Bonnie is a normal human girl and is not originally from the Zelda world. Please only contribute characters to the group that are originally from the Zeldaverse.

With that being said, we look forward to seeing what kinds of interesting designs and histories the community of DA Zelda fans have to offer!





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