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It was a a Sunday evening and me and my familie war cleaning the house. I was in the attic looking for cool stuff and pretending that i was cleaning the place, whe i saw something that caught my eye...It was a little black book that apperd under my eyes.
It looked like a diary...I thougth I may look inside. On the first page was written ''THE NOTES''With black capital words.I thougth of keeping it for later.
After I finished ''Cleaning'' the attic. I went to my room and i staet to read the diary.

'' December 10th 2004
Today was my birth day I turned 13. Mother Agata made a party for me in the orphanage , and she gaved me a  diary. She said  in here i will put all of my thougths....Well here's one thougth I think the party sucked, merely because the only kids that camed to the so called 'party' were just some 5 year old crybabies.''

Well it looked like a normal journal to me, exept that the girl was a orphan. Why will my parents keep this ?And anyway where do they have it from? So curiosity pulled me to read more.

''December 23th 2004
It's close to Christmas! And I think things are getting a little bether.
Today a new familie camed to adopte me....I think, that's what Mother Agata
said .Oh and she also said that they will come tomorrow to get me to my new home! I can't wait to see my new familie!

December 27th 2004
I whaited all day... They lied to me ....They never camed back...''

And that was all that was written on the page. I turned a few more and they were
emty! There was nothing!

I turned a few more till I saw

''January 12th 2005''
And I wanted to read more ...But this was all that was that was left ...In the
whole note book!
It was inposible I just read these pages ! WHAT?! HOW?!
I was scared shitless ,So I throwed the note book under my bed. And I didn't looked for it  morning.
So this is the first part of the story soooooo i will write more soon.....Soooooo yeah . enjoy!
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March 16, 2013
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