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Flow of Time



"The flow of time is always cruel. Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it." -Sheik

It's been some time since I've drawn something traditional, so I thought it's about time.
Have this (slightly) older version of OoT Link. This is also how I imagine him if he could turn into his human form in Twilight Princess :D
Honestly it's super hard to draw a blind eye (especially traditionally) O.o, but I hope it shows what I was aiming at ^^;
I'm not quite satisfied with the hair, but I guess that just means more practice, right? ;P
In my opinion OoT/MM Link is one of the most tragic heroes and I kind of wanted to put that into his expression, too.

Anyway, hope you like it^^
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oh my farore hes gorgeous!!!!! and the hair i love it!!!

ive been meaning to tell you about this new-ish fan au ive been getting hooked on over on tumblr, where several different links from different games are pulled into a group by the goddess. its called the linked universe au, it has botw, with hair down to his back cause of the shrine plus half his body in burnscars from his death, plus tp, oot/mm, lttp-awakening, zelda 1+2, ww, warriors, minishcap+fourswords, and skyward, 9 links total!!! the original artist is very slowly doing comics for the plot and they travel to different eras chasing after what we are guessing is dark link (that part hasnt been revealed yet) and there is a lot of fics and fanart to enjoy as well, check it out if youre interested X3