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Hello, and welcome to Zelda-FC! A group dedicated to the Legend of Zelda Fandom!


:bulletred: How to Join #Zelda-FC:bulletred:

Just press the join button! There's no need to ask! You can be a lurker or help contribute to make the group filled with wonderful art pieces like yours or submit a friend's artwork!

:bulletorange: Submission Guidelines :bulletorange:

Choose the correct folder you'd like to submit your artwork to. Below are the following guidelines in order to help you not make a submission mistake. Also, you can check here to see what's group appropriate and what's not!


- Official Nintendo artwork.
- No game screenshots
- Any racists material

*If you continue to attempt to submit any of the following material, you will be kicked out of the group without warning.

Gallery Folders

Fi The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword by LuisMiguel-ART
Lord Ganondorf by RoqueRobinArt
End by HyrulianMidna-3
Link returns to Hyrule by raven1303
Literature and Fanfiction
Silence princess by Championx91
Ocarina Retold PREVIEW - Music Box by Liefesa
Young Link by yspc
Ocarina Retold PREVIEW: Leaving the Forest by Liefesa
Original Zelda and Adventure of Link
.: Kawaii Classics :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Ganonette by SlugmanOctavious
.: AoL :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Link to the Past and Link's Awakening
Link hatching egg by kazumitakashi
.: Kawaii To The Past :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Link's Awakening by xBooxBooxBear
ALttP Zelda by Renata-Greynoria
Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask : Skull Kid by Hodremlin
Inktober 2018 - 10: Flowing by RinkuSonic41
Inktober 2018 - 14: Clock by RinkuSonic41
.: Smol OoT Babies :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Oracle Series
Tonari no Moosh by kazumitakashi
Oracle of Seasons by Ligiria
Oracle of Seasons  - Link by Ligiria
.: Just A Touch of Your Love.. :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Four Swords
Shadow Link! by RinkuSonic41
.: Hero and Princess of Four :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Violet Link by Mrs-NeedleM0use
Four Swords Links by Mrs-NeedleM0use
Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks
Zelda by EllirianaRei
Revenge by kazumitakashi
Tetra by Renata-Greynoria
.: Companions On The Tracks :. by PinkHyrulePrincess
Minish Cap
The Minish Cap by Ligiria
And Hell shall drown Us All by Aticum
Stockwell and His Dog - Zelda Collab by CleverAsFoxes
Vaati by RustyMetalViolet
Twilight Princess
This Is My Kingdom by xBooxBooxBear
[Traditional] Wolf Link by PouassonDeOro
Link / The Legend of Zelda! by ChigoSenpai
Saving the Princess by AceL97
Skyward Sword
Redraw: Game Over Sky Child by xBooxBooxBear
a Link Between Worlds
SSBU - Zelda by Eleo-choco
Hyrule Warriors
Link and Impa: 'A taste of my strength!' by DarkOverlord1296
Tri Force Heroes
Collab with Bro - Zelda: Duck Heroes by Heccentrik
Breath of the Wild
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild : Korok Friends by Hodremlin
spin-off games
TLoZ - Dark Toon Link by Judas-la-Carotte
Bday gift: Covey by Renata-Greynoria
.: Selfie With Link N' Zelda :. by xSakuyaChan510x
multi games
Like sisters by Renata-Greynoria


We will affiliate with:
:bulletgreen:Nintendo/LoZ related groups.
:bulletgreen:LoZ fan-character groups.
:bulletgreen:Loz couple groups.

We will not affiliate with
:bulletred:Non-Nintedo/LoZ related groups.
:bulletred:Hate/anti groups.


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Art nouveau Zelda by flopicas Art nouveau Zelda :iconflopicas:flopicas 246 11 Link, Breath of the Wild by BakerStreetDolls Link, Breath of the Wild :iconbakerstreetdolls:BakerStreetDolls 27 10 -Midna sketch- by flopicas -Midna sketch- :iconflopicas:flopicas 29 2 Princess Zelda in Hyrule Royal Library by chinchongcha Princess Zelda in Hyrule Royal Library :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 1,473 298 Fan Made Zelda: Healing the Great Fairy by TwilightSwordLink Fan Made Zelda: Healing the Great Fairy :icontwilightswordlink:TwilightSwordLink 12 9 Zelda and Link Playing 3DS by erikathegoober Zelda and Link Playing 3DS :iconerikathegoober:erikathegoober 171 14 Fairy Boy by erikathegoober Fairy Boy :iconerikathegoober:erikathegoober 111 4 What's with the get-up? by erikathegoober What's with the get-up? :iconerikathegoober:erikathegoober 164 13 Forsaken Fortress by erikathegoober Forsaken Fortress :iconerikathegoober:erikathegoober 255 16 Link, The Legend of Zelda by Suki-Manga Link, The Legend of Zelda :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 299 31 Mini Zelda by Suez-H3 Mini Zelda :iconsuez-h3:Suez-H3 13 0 Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era by lucidsky Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era :iconlucidsky:lucidsky 3,120 156 Rage of the Hylian by hk-1440 Rage of the Hylian :iconhk-1440:hk-1440 51 20 The Legend of Zelda - 1,001 Knights idearrhea by DavyWagnarok The Legend of Zelda - 1,001 Knights idearrhea :icondavywagnarok:DavyWagnarok 91 85 The Legend of Zelda Wii U by Zesiul The Legend of Zelda Wii U :iconzesiul:Zesiul 94 10






EDIT: Due to only very few people entering, I'll extend the deadline of signing up to september 10. If there aren't more than 3 people by then, I'll just continue with those 3.


Hello dear members of Zelda-FC! :)

Since this group has been sort of dying out, I want to get it back on tracks. As the title says, we'll be hosting an art exchange!

So, how will it work? It will be along the lines of a secret santa art exchange, meaning you will make a drawing for someone and you will receive one from another. You'll have to send me a list of what you want the other person to draw and when everyone's signed in, you'll receive the list of the person you have to draw for.

What has to be in this list?
:bulletblue: You have to mention what you want to get as a drawing. Preferably put at least two different options, so that the one who draws for you can chose what fits him or her best.
:bulletblue: Of course, your request has to be Zelda related, since this is a Zelda art exchange. Zelda based oc's are fine, but also ask for something with canon characters.
:bulletblue: If you would prefer a certain medium of art, please also mention this.
:bulletblue: You also have to add what you WON'T draw. For example if you can't draw certain characters, pairings, ... Anything that you're not willing to draw, PLEASE mention this.
:bulletblue: You have to mention what medium of art you'd like to use in your own drawing, can be multiple options.
:bulletblue: You can request for more than one character to be in a picture, but I ask you to be open for a request of multiple characters as well if you're doing this.
:bulletblue: The list has to be sent in a note to the group Zelda-FC. Please do not post your list here, as it has to be a secret who will be drawing for you.

When you've finished your drawing, you can submit it to the folder "Zelda Art Exchange 2015", mentioning in the description of your drawing who you've drawn it for. The folder will open as soon as everyone's signed in.

Deadline for signing in: September 10 2015
Deadline for finishing your drawing: October 31 2015

When everyone's signed in, I'll send a note to all the participants giving them the list of the person they'll be drawing for. Please keep this a secret, as it should be a surprise until the drawing is finished. You'll receive this note a few days after the deadline of signing in, so this leaves you with about 2 months to finish your drawing.

If you can't manage to finish your drawing in time, please let me know and I can extend the deadline for you.

I'll also be looking for people who'd be willing to fill in open spots in case anyone drops out for reasons. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Please spread the news to fellow Zelda fans as we want as much people to participate as possible!

Any questions, please let me know!

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LynKofWinds Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2019
Posts are expiring and it seems like this group has become inactive... The next time one of you is online, would you maybe consider posting a journal looking for some new admins to add to the team and help keep the group alive? Link-of-the-twilight ksc0130 
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Is my art okay to post?
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I submitted a desktop background I made and I was wondering, it should be submitted in Misc. right?
If it's not from one particular Zelda game, then yes :)
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Thanks for letting me know :)
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