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Zelda Fan Club - Read before submitting!

Welcome to Zelda-Fan-Club! All fans of The Legend of Zelda series are welcome to join.

Please read the rules before submitting to the gallery.

• There is a submission limit of 3 deviations per member per week.
• Submit to the appropriate folder (Any deviation submitted to the wrong folder will be declined).
• Mature content must come with a warning.
• If you have a question about something you've submitted, make a comment on your submission stub, not on the front page.
• General inquiries about the group can be made via Group Note.



Club Projects- For submissions pertaining to Zelda-Fan-Club group projects, only.

Literature, Fiction and Comics. If a submission is in written or comic form it belongs in this folder. Regardless of if it is a crossover or if it has OCs.

Crafts. Is for all handmade items that are not flat drawings or cosplays being worn by someone. Zelda OC and Crossover crafts belong in this folder.

Cosplay. Cosplay is for Zelda costumes that are being worn. Someone must be wearing the costume! Even if they cosplay is 100% made by you, if it is being worn it belongs in Cosplay not Crafts.

Stamps, Animations, and Avatars. This is pretty self explanatory.

Holiday Themed. This is for all Holiday themed art, including but not limited to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, ect. If there are OCs or Crossovers present but they are all celebrating a holiday it belongs in this folder.

Original Characters and Alternative Universe. This is for all Original Characters and Alternative Universes. This includes an pictures with any Zelda OCs as well as any non-cannon representation of cannon Zelda Characters. Some examples for this folder are: OC x Cannon Character pairing, modern versions of Cannon characters, original adventures for character (a new lifetime), Ben Drowned, and anything else that is OC and/or non-cannon.

Crossovers. Crossovers not only includes characters from other Games/Movies/TV but also when there is a crossover between Zelda games. Such as WW, TP, and SS Link all hanging out. Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and other Nintendo games that have crossover elements belong in this folder.

Graphics. This is a folder for wallpapers, buttons, banners, and other such things that are typically made to be used on websites or on your home computer. These are generally created using official artwork but not always.

Screenshots. This can be Screenshots from ANY game. A Sims version of Link belongs here, a Zelda themed room in Animal Crossing belongs here, and screenshots from all Zelda games belong here.

Misc. This is for everything else that does not fit in the above folders. This is also where you put photos of official merchandise. Show off your Zelda collection here!

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A fan group/club for any and all fans of The Legend Of Zelda series!
Founded 11 Years ago
Dec 31, 2009


Group Focus
Fan Club

14,611 Members
11,531 Watchers
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2020 have been a rough year, the biggest boss battle most of us have had so far. So let's end the year with a contest with just that in mind. Bosses
What will be in the tressure chest for the Lucy winner? Well a 1 month core membership of course
and the 2nd and 3rd place will get 50 rewards each
So let's just do this real easy
Arrow Right Pink The artwork must be new. submittet on the 20.12.2020 earliest. and must be submitted in this folder:
Arrow Right PinkThe drawing must be of a boss, but can be from ANY zelda game. and don't need to include Link or any other character.
Arrow Right Pink Deadline: 05 January 2021

Have fun!

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Feature Zelda deviations that we feel are excellent and stand out for that. Check them out, you might just find some new additions to your favorites collection. =)








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Championofthewild Featured By Owner May 25, 2021  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to join this group :)
AshleyGamer1995 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2021  Student Writer
Has anyone ever played and conquered Ocarina of Time's Master Quest version? I did, twice before - on Wind Waker's bonus disc and on the 3DS remaster. It was so difficult. Took me longer to complete it than the standard Ocarina of Time game. But I also like to say... Master Quest was worth it more! :D
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2021
I really do not like it when groups makes it so that you have to wait a whole week before I can submit more, so I think I'll just leave this group.
AshleyGamer1995 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2021  Student Writer
I don't mind if someone likes to talk with me about Zelda. Go ahead. :)
orbots8 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i post zelda 3d models here?
Spilled-Secrets Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Sure, just submit to the correct folder! :D (Big Grin) 
orbots8 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i want to join this group
AshleyGamer1995 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2021  Student Writer
Hi everyone. I'm new to this group as I've just joined here right now, so let me introduce myself. I am Ashley, and I really like The Legend of Zelda series of games. I also like the character Midna from Twilight Princess, in particular. My top favourite Zelda games are A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Some Zelda titles like these I played and finished at least once before, others I haven't though, like the Game Boy and DS ones.
PretzelTheYandere Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2020  Student Digital Artist
I have some fun facts about myself:

- I have made several pieces of art related to Zelda, including this one: (…)

- I've known Legend Of Zelda since I was 6 years old

- I have an [almost complete] Link/BEN Drowned cosplay

- I got a playable glass Ocarina for my 15th Birthday

- One of my SSB mains is Link

- I once did a LOZ roleplay with my friends a couple years ago and I was cast as Princess Zelda
Mikarumon Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there someone who still alive here?? :<
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