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Turnabout Storm Redux

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 - Phoenix
Part 3 - Twilight
Part 4 - Coming Soon

I have drawn a Turnabout Storm picture in the past. This is basically a new one that I've made for the people who have worked on the series, which by the way, you all doing a good job at it so far!

Phoenix Wright © Capcom
MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Turnabout Storm © ~NeoArtimus

...Sonata is sexiest OC
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Lilothestitch's avatar
Where did you get that logo?
KamidereGoldenTime's avatar
PART 5 IS OUUUUUTTTTT!!!! XD ( Am I spoiling? )
Kairukurumi's avatar
I just saw this on Bronymonster's video and I instantly fell in love with it! TS is one of my all time favorite fan productions and I sm totally going to use this as a background, if that is ok?
ThrashYourArt's avatar
Hey there. Just wanted you to know that I used your picture at the end of my video:…

Keep up the good work...
InsertBroFistHere's avatar
Please may I use this for a youtube video for a cover song that's a crossover between AA and MLP?
I'll add credit and a link to your profile in the description
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
Sonata is chill, badass, beautiful and on top of that is a mastermind... but not sexy.
Beeblur2332's avatar
What's the ace thing...?
2-Tailed's avatar
One of the best crossovers I've ever seen w00t! 
TheBronyMon's avatar
:objection: v2 
WalkingWithPingu's avatar
And.....*censored because of spoiler*
10barretts's avatar

Sonata cannot scare people. She terrifies them!
GreyNimbus's avatar
Sonata's scaring me...
SpeedBumpV-Drop's avatar
Sonata is sexiest OC? Come on, man! She's badass with that glare and the glasses!
SomaShield's avatar
is was so amazing this crossover i like how this come out to nice job ^^
AderuMoro's avatar
I'm the voice actor for Sonata, and I just wanted to let you know I used this in my thumbnail for my "behind the mic" video :D… I think you did a fabulous job on the artwork, and your rendition of Sonata is very pretty :3
GreyNimbus's avatar
Great job on the whole thing.
zelc-face's avatar
An honor to meet you!

And thanks for the compliment! :D
AndroidX92's avatar
Part 5/4 is out today
Sparkshot11's avatar
Fun Fact: Part 5/4 is coming out October 25th! :D
6tothesource's avatar
Hope you're right. I can't wait.
Chidori1334's avatar
Part 4 has been out for a long time which part 5/4 is still in works but PWaaMLP planned on making a Bad Ending Contest (which I don't know when the contest ends) before Part 5/4 comes out
TechnoPagan9's avatar
The contest ended about a month ago but she doesn't want to say the winner until the series is finished.
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