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Simple black Wii - papercraft-

yea, i should be doign something more productive instead of making this pattern...

(same process as the way how i made the iphone, but this is a LOT more simple)

i'll make the stand once I procrastinate more.

EDIT: turns out a part was cut off (thanks anonyomous of 4chan!) so heres fixed version. with bigger tabs too.
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cool! I try to make it, but when I will have a printer ^^
DJ-Daniel-D's avatar
i will have this papercraft :D
print. cut. glue and i have a new WII :D
damn. games doesn't working
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omg, would you make a psp one? then i'd feel better!
zelas's avatar
XD sorry, i own a psp so i probalby wont make one. you can do a search online for "PSP papercraft" cuz im pretty sure someone have made a pattern already
SrnX's avatar
Nice work right here!! But I prefer the real one xD
zelas's avatar
X3 but they dont make a real black wii!
jordan1776's avatar
lol now there is a black wii
Sliper-hat's avatar
my family thought i won another wii
zelas's avatar
o.O you won your first one?!
Sliper-hat's avatar
not really hehe i orderd it and people thought i won that one
then i showed all my frends the cut out one and there like wasnt one enough LMAO
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