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Sackboy Papercraft Pattern

By zelas
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Sackboy Papercraft pattern!
Click Download for the PDF and .PDO!

(for the viewer for .pdo file: [link] )

[for some other game crafts, click these: [link] [link] ]

Sackboy from Little Big Planet is © Sony
[coming out in October 2008!]

This is a fan creation, the pattern and complete model/texture were from made scratch by myself and I just cant wait to play the game!
Probably a Kratos sackboy coming soon, maybe!

I'm going to try and have some of these available at Anime Weekend Atlanta convention on my Artist Alley table! Come on by!


+There are only 6 parts to make: Head, Body, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg.
+All pieces except for the head are in one single shape.
+First cut out the pattern on the solid line (do not cut the dotted line).
+Most people who have made more complex papercraft before should be able to figure out how to make it from there.
+But for Beginners, it is recommended that you download Pepakura Viewer (it's free) for a directly look at the corresponding edges. [link]

If you guys have any questions just ask here and I'll reply back to you!
Also, critiques and comments appreciated!
(I now notice that the top of the head should be a little different, so I'll make a note of it when I make another one).
© 2008 - 2021 zelas
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Hiya, sadly the links are dead...
Can you send me the pattern?
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Heya!! really nice papercraft, hoping to try it. Do you have a version without the folding lines?
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Zelas i usted es el creador de este archivo me gustaria enviarle algunas fotos
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cual es el password del PDO?
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omgizzlez no wai :iconbleedrainbowplz:
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Hi! I am new to paper craft. This is my first paper craft would love to ask you a few questions.
I was able to put this whole thing together however its difficult to glue parts when its closing up. Is there a way or method that can make it easier? Because once the parts are formed, there's no way my fingers can get inside the part to press it together to make it firmer.
Also, what kind of paper do you recommend for this? :) Thank you!
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i took the template for this and made my own version of sackboy using a baby blanket. it came out awesome.
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wheres the template for this
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Love it, so cleaverly done.
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And were can I find the PDF?
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How can I open the page with the print stuff?

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so i have to down load that viewer to print this :(
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How did you make the pattern?
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i think needs a dd :D original&cute
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It's so cute! I'd love to see a Kratos one (or an Ezio :P)
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wa!! the software isn't compatible with my system!
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I just made this little guy, here's the link: Sackboy Papercraft. Thanks for the pattern, it was fun to make!
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