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Rev. J.R. Zeke Whitelock
United States
Introducing myself:
[Originally Posted 07 March, 2008]
... I am a pretty much self-taught graphic artist & illustrator with a broad spectrum of interests...
... On the commercial end of things, I do vehicle art...
... I am one of only 8 bus industry artists in the country...
... I do cars, trucks, motorcycles, RxR, and aircraft...
... I also do some scenics & portraiture...
... Where the heart of my work lies is in illustrating the accounts of the saints & martyrs thru-out history... I've devoted a lot of my life to studying the cyclic patterns of religious persecution, and illustrating the research brings it to life, reminding us that if we refuse to learn from history, we are destined to repeat its most tragic periods...
... It is with a sincere heart that I question what category such works should be presented...
... The "church" is offended by some of my work, tho I truly try to balance the horror of the physical moment with the beauty of a completed faith & the victory of spirit... I intentionally "rate" my work at a "higher standard", I like the "ideologically sensitive" classification that the administrators here @ Deviant ART offers...
... It's the difference between a portrait of a pretty girl, and that same portrait with a teardrop streaming down her cheek (What, or Who has contributed to her sorrow ?)... Subtle, but Significant...
... A bloody price was paid for our salvation, and another price paid, that our Christian heritage could be passed down to us, today...
... PLEASE visit me at my FaceBook site / good personal info & blogs... I am a retired (w/o pension) Deputy Sheriff, Paramedic, and Dept Chaplain... I've ALSO done service as a Trucker, Mechanic, & Welder...
... Feel free to question or comment...
In The Eye Of The Beholder:
[ Here is a reprint of an early blog I posted @ MySpace when I first went on-line last November --- It belongs here: on Life / The Arts / Faith ]...

... I've come to the conclusion that there are just some things (issues) that may NEVER be resolved among human beings in this world or lifetime... Personally, I REFUSE to lose sleep OR get ulcers over these things... Few such issues are truly of any eternal significance, but they CAN be stumbling blocks by which one learns "patience" and how to "... be angry, but sin not"...
... Examples:
My son Nathan is a musician --- what's one of his songs actually worth ?
I'm an artist --- what's a drawing or painting worth ?
Subject matter or style --- is it really even to be considered "Art" ?
... Or, consider this:
... I live in the "steel valley" (it's more rust than steel these days) due to Union labor greed forcing corporate management not only into the corner, but clear thru the wall... How can I truly sympathize with the local auto workers (who should be thankful they even have a job in this community) --- when they strike, piss, & moan over a current wage & benefit package that pays approx $ 35.00 / hour... NO ONE needs that kind of money to sit around sipping coffee and griping about how mistreated they are !

... We are NOT exempt from such controversy in the so-called church, unfortunately... AND, perhaps MORE unfortunately --- we haven't figured out how to Biblically deal with our petty differences... Hint: Matthew 18 verses 15 + were put into the Sacred text for a purpose !!!

... No one likes the sight of blood, yet we sing about the dear shed blood of Jesus & many of the saints... If we envision "the blood of such sacrifice" we tend to want to see it thru the proverbial "rose-colored glasses" of societal & political correctness...
... Jesus can be portrayed hung miserably upon the cross, but don't show the stripes laid upon his skin and make sure that His loincloth is draped properly !!! And those brothers & sisters who were sent into the arena to be fed to the lions --- well, brush their hair and dress them up in clean white tunics with golden slippers... It just didn't happen that way !!!
... Is the value of their sacrifice embellished or diminished by our altered vision ?
... I'm a REALIST when it comes to such understandings --- I believe that God has commissioned me to do the things I've undertaken to do... He is the One who has given me the vision to illustrate the accounts of the martyrs in my life-long research series, and the grace & discernment to set "modest" poses for immodest events...
... It has been an "interesting" razor's edge to walk this calling !!!
... How DOES one balance the "glory" of Christ's shed blood and the "beauty" of His broken Body --- against the stark brutality of His Passion ? I've distributed nearly 10,000 copies of my research over the past ten years... I've had 15 objections to the content... In NONE of those cases was any effort made toward compliance with the precepts of Matthew 18 OR toward a restoration of our relationship... In two cases, the first I knew of a problem was by way of a Police confrontation at which time I was informed that I was being investigated as an "abuser of women & children"... NO formal charges were ever pursued, because there was ZERO supporting evidence... I shared historical accounts of such events committed by different governments against their own innocent citizens within context --- as a warning of cyclic "signs of the times" --- BUT for NO gratuitous purpose, by ANY STRETCH OF IMAGINATION !!!
... When an anointing comes upon me to portray one of these events, it is a burden of heart-felt responsibility and empathy --- I feel the pain and I shed tears of frustration as I walk thru the "valley of death's shadow" with that brother or sister --- but, at the same time, I'm being encouraged by the presence of Grace and the fruition of faith & hope in that person's condemned heart ! I know that I'm sharing in a most sacred moment of true communion... I struggle at times, trying to share those moments with the rest of the church, who has forgotten the price that has been paid for our Christian heritage...
... How many of us bow so wrongly to the gods of comfort & prosperity ?
... I know that we're encouraged and exhorted by the Word of God to let our minds dwell on those things that are "true, noble, right, pure, admirable, excellent, lovely, and praiseworthy..." (Philippians 4:8)...
... Contrary to the condemnation expressed from those who do not know my heart, I am NOT dwelling on the pain, blood & gore --- but, the privilege of standing as a silent witness to an indescribable moment of victory as hands are raised in praise and the sound of hymns in worship utter forth a resounding cry of eternal love & hope from dying lips (I think I AM walking in Paul's exhortation to the Philippians)...
... "Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of each one of His saints !" (Psalm 116:15)... It's ALL in the eye of the beholder !
... "I want to know Christ, the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering --- becoming like Him !" (Philippians 3:10)... Part of that getting to know HIM --- is getting to know HIM thru the testimonies of my precious brothers & sisters --- past, present, and future !!!
Rev. J.R. Zeke Whitelock

========= UPDATE: 03/11-12/08 =========

... The response and interaction here has been truly amazing !
... I like to be able to respond to everyone personally, but --- to be honest, I just can't keep up these past few days...
... So, I'm posting this to EVERYONE with heart-felt appreciation !

Thank You for...
... interest, involvement, and so many new friendships
... for sharing some awesome artwork, photography, and writings
... for considering some of my work worthy of your own collections
... for your suggestions, requests, questions, and comments

... I still have MUCH more to share in coming weeks... Thanks for being patient with me as I settle in... May God continue to inspire and bless you and your gifts... After All, HE Is The Master Artist Of All Creation !

... Rev "Zeke"

PS: A few of you have expressed concern that I might be getting "flamed" since my (thus far) 150+ public comments are "hidden"...
... When I get "flamed" --- I'll probably be chained to a stake in a church parking lot...(IRL)... I've survived several such attempts !!!
... Be assured that:
1) I'm NOT being hassled in any way...
2) I truly DO appreciate the comments / I copy and save them as off-line archives on my hard-drive along with pertinent info on you for my easier future reference...
3) While many of you are just thanking me for adds, a few are making very insightful and personal comments or asking serious questions about matters of faith... I feel a ministry responsibility to respect your privacy in such cases by hiding our conversations of that sort...
4) I'm running an older MAC G3 @ a relatively slow 300mhz speed / 256 mb RAM --- it really bogs down if I have comment windows open --- I have to do the same thing on ALL my other sites... Please don't be offended by this technical necessity --- your comments DO matter to me !

... I love you guys !!! Thanks again for your concern & interest...


Current Residence: 8348 Westview Rd Neosho, MO 64850
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large / XL
Favourite genre of music: ContempChristianWorship / Country
Favourite photographer: Admittedly out of touch w/ what others are doing...
Favourite style of art: "Photo-realism" / manipulation
Operating System: MAC OS 10.3.9 & 9.1 Classic
MP3 player of choice: I pretty much keep everything on my MAC G3
Shell of choice: ... the three I keep by the toilet since watching "Demolition Man"
Wallpaper of choice: ... prefer panelling or paint :-P
Skin of choice: ... my own :-P
Favourite cartoon character: ... (not really cartoon, but RED GREEN & I are way too much alike)
Personal Quote: "Angels Don't Always Wear White..."
... Another "sad" story: I'm NOT looking for sympathy / just prayer !
... I haven't posted much of anything for quite some time/ I'm actually still on here regularly, if not daily...  I'm getting older and things are just NOT working right any more...
... This summer I had to turn down a commission to illustrate a book a friend has written...
... Carpal tunnel syndrome set in about 2 years...  Was having trouble seeing as of last April & finally got to an eye doctor today --- I've developed cataracts in both eyes /  NOT good for someone who depends on driving & artwork for survival !  Surgery will cost about $1,800 per eye / can't afford it !  Don't trust MOST "doctors" anyway !
... I really can't draw a straight line (let alone WALK one)...
... On the brighter side, legs are healing fairly well 5 years after the explosion & fire that destroyed our car...  I lost my portfolio of nearly 30 years of artwork in that fire. as well as over $35,000 in Sheriff's Dept & Personal law enforcement & paramedical tools & supplies...
... Youngstown, OHIO is STILL trying to sue us for stealing & destroying our properties...  I've spent more time in Facebook jail for "political incorrectness" than MOST of you can imagine !  I forget, too often, that I CAN still post stuff over here !
... For the past 2 and a half years I've volunteered as "greeter, crowd control,gatekeeper, and security" at a ministry called "Hope Kitchen" in Neosho / NOT much call, otherwise, for a burned up, used cop !  I enjoyed it immensely, but about a month ago --- I was told I wasn't "qualified" or wanted in that position any more / Control issues on the part of the owner...  Our "home" church has likewise taken issue with us & I'm beginning a  search for a different, more honest fellowship... 
... He IS faithful !


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