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Filly fancharacter - Pyrite

By Zejgar
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(base pose taken from Leaf, Filly Unicorn)

Pyrite is the illuminator of the mine: she is responsible for keeping all magical lamps lit at all times. Before going to sleep, she overcharges all lamps to be sure that they last long enough - it's probably not a good idea to look directly at them!

Pyrite's hair dimly glows in the dark.

Below is the scrapbook-worthy description of an imaginary toyline.

Filly Miners

Somewhere in the Filly Kingdom, the Mine runs deep through the crust. This is the place where the minerals and gemstones of the Filly Kingdom are harvested! Any crown, medal or crystal you see on the surface has a fair chance to have its origin in the depths of the Mine. Filly miners work hard to ensure there is no shortage of resources. The Mine also hosts the unique Sky Crystals - colorful gemstones that always glow and allow the miners to see everything deep underground. Every Filly Miner has one of those in their helmets.

The Mine:

Magma river - the magma fillies are responsible for the heat generator, which uses magma's heat to charge up electrical tools and keep the warm stored and transported around the mine. The magma river itself is frozen and quite dim, but it still emits enough heat. Some parts of it are cool enough to be safely touched!

Water pond - the water fillies are responsible for harvesting water from the pond. The pond is located right under the mountain ridge above the mine, it's being constantly refilled by the waterfalls. There is a whirlpool in the center of the pond that, with the waterfalls, keeps the water level constant. Sometimes you can see Sky Crystals flow along the waterfalls, creating a beautiful picture!

Mist ruins - the mist fillies are responsible for uncovering old ruins that were discovered in the mine's early days. The ruins possess a lot of information that is quite hard to decipher, and no matter how hard the fillies try, they can't get rid of the mysterious mist that envelops the ruins.

Rail path - the deepest part of the mine, this is where the main mining happens! The crust fillies are digging and transporting the gifts back to the surface. The numerous tunnels create quite a complicated labyrinth. Thankfully, crust fillies know the way out if you happen to get lost.
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When mines exist in MLP, ponies usually fall in there. And even as they climb out, the entrances never get fixed so they fall there again.
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Ooh, not many Filly OC drawings out ther- Zejgar! Hello! :) I didn't know you hung out on DA!

I like your Miner Filly set design! :D
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Hey there, HareTrinity! Glad to finally meet you.
Thanks for liking!
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You too! Have been expecting you to start regularly posting on Ponychan's Fillychan thread, but if you're around here then that's good too. :)
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Ah, yes! I've decided to not to participate in the Ponychan thread since I already have fingers in many pies, as it were. I'm also making sure you have a shelter in case I get too vocal. :) (Smile) 
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Ha, fair enough. =p
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