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By zeiva

It probably doesn't come as a surprise, I hate it. :D

I'm not going to blame anyone leaving DA because of this. This new interface is not only horrible looking, but it's also functionally broken. I had to rewrite this journal again because for some reason, it decided to delete everything I wrote and there is no way to undo.

So, if you are planning to leave, but you still want to follow me, here are some other places you can find me.

If you want to follow me for art:


Note: This account is shared between me and Muhoho-seijin.


Note: I made it recently, so it doesn't have much on it for now, but I plan to continue using it.


Note: Just like Artstation, this account is new, but I plan to continue using it.

If you want to follow me for art, games, and ramblings:


Note: This is where I update most frequently. It is less art and more game-related stuff though.


Note: Just like Twitter, this is mostly game-related stuff.


Note: Just like Tumblr and Twitter, this is mostly game-related stuff.

Other places to find me:


Note: Currently, I used it mostly for my games, but I plan to post more art-related stuff in the future.


Note: This is where you can buy my games.


Note: If you are interested in supporting me. :D

That's about it. I really hope DA will revert it back, but I probably will still stick around regardless...

Thank you for being with me all this time. Take care! ^^

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Yep... I'm leaving when my core membership runs out in august. Waste of time for this horrible space.

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Cool, I made that previous comment, clicked "comment" and nothing happened, so I went to edit the comment and then it posted the comment and I had a text box that just said "C". Good website functionality.

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I hate it. Almost everyone else does, too. I spent so long on here just trying to find where my "watch" messages were. It's not good web design if a user of 12 years has to spend a couple minutes figuring out where a key feature went.

And everyone's journals look so bad now.

VoiceActingChibi's avatar

Just followed you on Twitter! I'm probably not gonna stick around here much longer, either. Unless they change it back.

sw124's avatar

I’ll be finding you on Tumblr, DA is seriously ticking me off with this

zeiva's avatar

Thanks for the follow. I don't usually post personal art on Tumblr, but seeing this change with DA, I might as well do so.

sw124's avatar

I’ll probably move my writing to, at least there I know how to post a freaking thing without going back to edit two million times

zeiva's avatar

Yeah, writing has become a huge pain in Eclipse. Writing this journal alone is painful. They really screwed everything up.

sw124's avatar

I don’t understand...but at least Stash has the Writer so we got that

KruelaD-Savic's avatar

DeviantART should stay the way how it was before this. I agreed there was some small issues about journal and others that could be easily fix not to take it so long and decided to change it all again website. and yes deviantART give a chance last year to experience this Eclipse a new designs so we can work with it not many people have got the chance to work with it and gave up in it.

but people more talking about a feedbacks there are being ignored Unfortunately they do not listening to the community people who are here.

I really do not understand why I need to GIF or YouTube link or post to image in my comment the link was only a good enough.

and I'm losing this feeling about deviantART being a place for everything actually on people having their own style under their own taste

deviantART turn into you futuristic professional website that I see similar designs of other websites and I getting a PSD tea or whatever you call it sin kind of seizures about my brain I cannot focus

Every time when I want to load the page up of my profile,it's taking so long I always think about it it's something is wrong with my internet. it looks fine, but the websites it's take so long to load it it cannot take it my computer and laptop can I take this kind of it this design of the website it's too much. just in case I borrowed my friend's computer who is actually stronger PC something like that for other things he can work on it he has the same similar thinks I think the deviantART it did not settle the website the way how it needs to be.

I believe people who works on the website or on the working about this fog's an issue, but they should think about the long before this deciding just to release this kind of website, who is totally falling apart!!

And now people are angry and there hates and jokes and memes, all over the place. these some people who are actually angry on the people who works in the website in this part of the community and a field Left Behind. of course, they should it followed us back then practicing, but as I said again they lost interest they didn't want it to change it

it is really sad and it sounds like this. I'm not saying I'm going to leave DA. I really don't feel like posting on it anymore.

it is just lost his charm that it lasted...

I'm probably going to move in different website, that actually Community are listening feedback and working together! it is called Sketchers United

it is really interesting Community who is actually be created by Sony Sketch, it was like a mobile applications you can throw on it and you have an online community.

feel free to following me there. I'm going to post sooner or later my old artwork that usually done and some new of stuff (well most of my artworks are not finished so I did lost my motivation ,but I will do my best to get them back)

if you are interesting to follow me in other social medias hear the links

Tumblr, Animo and Skechers United

zeiva's avatar

Wasn't Eclipse in beta for like 2 years? The fact it's still so buggy doesn't bode well with the future.

KruelaD-Savic's avatar

the final design of the website deviantART was just only half of three years, but the last year 2019 they release dislike choice to experience this beta of eclipse.

they give you this choice you can switch to normal design of website and this design of deviantART Eclipse. So, you can practice and see it what has offers is there issues and of course you should give them a feedback about it what is the problem

the information that i gathered around of people, do not want to change: they want something to be fixed like journal or other small things that could be easily fixed. But, they did not follow those feedback so, I think they rushed it too much and released this new design of eclipse to actually falls apart,... of my opinion...

botskey's avatar

I'm not a fan of the new layout, but I'll stick around. I followed you on twitter and youtube. :)

zeiva's avatar

Same, I'll still stick around. I miss a lot of the old features, but I'll live with it.

Thanks for the follow!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the new DA. It's so broken IDK why they changed it.

zeiva's avatar

I read a journal that explained the change. So, DA was bought by Wix in 2017, and they think that DA's coding is outdated and has securities issues, so they wanted to rebuild DA from the ground up, and that is Eclipse. However, the old DA is an accumulation of 20 years of features, so their team couldn't affectively replicate everything. For a while, they made everyone has the ability to switch between the old and new interface, but it is expensive to run with 2 websites and harder to maintain. That is why they decided to drop the old one and run with the new one.

Sounds pretty understandable if only Eclipse is actually working. Right now, it is just a site with a lot less features, not to mention laggy, and buggy.

Sunriseoflove's avatar

Thank you for explaining! I had no idea but that does make sense.

I hope they bring about the old features eventually then!

CarlaSophia's avatar

They're still working on it, more changes and tweaking to come, just give it some time, i don't like as it is now too, managing my groups is a nightmare and i'm not even get into the journals lol.

zeiva's avatar

Honestly, they shouldn't have forced everyone to use it if it's still so buggy. I'm not against changes, but right now, this is a mess.

jemiade's avatar

i'm completely lost with it, surely the priority should of been user friendly, and now even can't find my own work. why try to fix things when the're not broke, the whole idea with technology is to simplify things, and thus make it more user friendly for all.....

zeiva's avatar

From what I heard, it has to do with the difficulty of maintaining 2 versions of the website, and the cost of running the server. Most of us would prefer the old one, but DA has sunk a lot of money developing Eclipse, so they wouldn't want to throw it away.

While I understand why they did it, it still doesn't change the fact that Eclipse sucks. They could have polished it more before forcing everyone to use it.

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I understand why people are looking elsewhere I guess; I'm used to it due to being largely mobile for the past three years and it's very similar to mobile. Everyone thinks dA will be done within a year or two...I don't think so since there's always an influx of new people that will learn how to work things out. Just like we did when we first joined dA! :la:

zeiva's avatar

DA won't go away, that's for sure. Even Myspace still exists to this day. The problem is currently, it's trending downward. It used to be the world's top 100+ site, and now it's like 400+. With this change, I expect it to drop even further.

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