Dragon Essence Contest Winners

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By zeiva
ALL CONTEST ENTRIES: www.zeiva.net/dragon/first_ima…

Thank you very much for everyone's participation! Without further ado, here are the winners!


Entry 5: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Commission from muhoho-seijin: Completed)
Entry 8: mayshing www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Future Game)
Entry 16: ama-chii www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Commission from zeiva: Completed)
Entry 30: LunaNiji www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Future Game)
Entry 36: darc-rose www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Area-X: Sent)


Entry 7: Narucid www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: OASE GIRLS Artbook: Received)
Entry 11: WindHydra www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Dragon Essence: Sent)
Entry 19: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: SIGNATURE Artbook: Received)
Entry 32: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Area-X CD: Sent: Received)
Entry 51: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize: Dragon Essence CD: Sent)


Entry 4: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize Sent)
Entry 28: PitchLing www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Note Sent)
Entry 37: Ramadhaniah www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize Sent)
Entry 38: UwPP www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize Sent)
Entry 39: www.zeiva.net/dragon/image/fir… (Prize Sent)


Entry 2: Suna-Kurai (Prize Sent)
Entry 12: Aiko-Hirocho (Prize Sent)
Entry 22: (Prize Sent)
Entry 31: (Prize Sent)
Entry 46: (Prize Sent)
Entry 47: mieruli (Prize Sent)
Entry 49: (Prize Sent)
Entry 52: (Prize Sent)
Entry 58: (Note Sent)
Entry 60: YuKey0 (Prize Sent)

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll send a note/email to all winners soon!

Once again, thank you very much for everyone who participated! I hope you all have fun with it!(*´`*)╯♡ 


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Thank you for the opportunity!
Congratulations on the winners as well 

And thank you for hosting the contest :D
This was a really fun contest~
mayshing's avatar
Don't know how I won but runs away with prizes!
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
i still cany beliebe it!
but beutiful entries you had, gratz to everyone
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Congrats! All the entries are so beautiful and interesting ^-^
Purestrongpoem's avatar
longestdistance's avatar
Congrats to all the winners! :happybounce:  I love the circular composition of entry #5.
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