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X-note is a blend between Visual Novel and Dating Sim. Follow the story of Essi as she pursues the truth of her mother's death. The game spans 30 days, of which you can train Essi's psychic abilities, explore the school, collect notes, and make choices to determine her fate.


Ten years ago, Essi's mother died in a strange accident. She left a USB flash drive with a locked folder called "X-note". Unable to understand the purpose of it, Essi continued living her life as a normal junior high school student. However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal humans.

Essi's quiet life was interrupted by a sudden visit by a young man named Yuon. He asked her to investigate a murder case and a mysterious disappearance in the Xen Institute, a school deeply connected to Essi's mother. Tempted by the possibility of unlocking "X-note" and solving her mother's mysterious death, Essi decided to take his request. However, what awaited her there was a lot more than what she could possibly imagine…


- Mystery, Romance & Supernatural
- 3 Pursuable Romances
- 40+ Original Illustrations & 9 Endings
- Rated Teen 13+

Get the full game here:…
Game Homepage:…

Support Us: Homepage | Patreon | Steam
Game Updates: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter 
Illustrations: Gumroad | Instagram | Youtube


- Director: zeiva
- Story: zeiva
- Illustration: zeiva & muhoho-seijin
- Soundtrack:
- SFX: &


- Flash MX
- Photoshop 7
- Audacity


- 4 Months

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JackiHime's avatar
bruh im literally feeling like crying because i remember when this demo just came out on newgrounds and i cant believe it was 8 years ago
Narucid's avatar
Awesome mystery vibe and emotional story, and loved all the passwords and codes, and the figuring out the relation with mini-games and endings, overall a ton of fun!
And always love your stories, art and characters, and how nice the interface looks, hard to see any VNs with a nice clean interface as your games, always a pleasure to look at!
zeiva's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I also like clean and simplistic interface. Lots people seem to prefer a more complicated one ^^;
ChocolateWolfey's avatar
When Yuon first came onto the screen, I was like, "the fuck, did that bitch just blink?" then Essi blinked, and I was just, "Holy fuck, they both blinked!!"
It took me by surprise.
SoraHinamorichan's avatar
The X Files ane death note combined!! XD 
zeiva's avatar
X Files one is correct. Death Note one isn't lol.
SoraHinamorichan's avatar
I figured I just love Death Note and saw the opportunity to mention it. FREE DEATH NOTE AVVIE Spinning L Light Yagami Gif L Pocket Sprite lil neko mello sorry, what? [icon commission] Emote 'L' L Death Note Icon L Lawlliet L Lawliet Chibi .:Death Note Fan Stamp:. Thinking L .:L Fan Stamp:. Commission for Aura L animated gif L wants cake icon for a club :deathnote: 
zeiva's avatar
I know, many people said the same even though the story has nothing to do with it. XD
Videogamergirl18's avatar
Hey Zeiva I want to ask something. When you finish the game and go to the Soundtrack Gallery and play "Dreaming", on the neosounds website it does not show up but the "Dreaming" that shows up is like the one in X-Note where something bad happens. Is this an error?
zeiva's avatar
All the name of the tracks in X-note are different from the one in Neosounds.
Videogamergirl18's avatar
I see. That would explain it. I loved "Dreaming" in the game. Thanks :)
flamestarnyan's avatar
I need the full game now! I will buy it as soon as I get the money!!!
flamestarnyan's avatar
I haven't even played it yet and I already love it
chrislam83's avatar
lol rexus is so cute
RinneLin's avatar
oh wow! this was great! Now I'm curious what happens next ;)
169prismanime169's avatar
XD I  have the same birthday as Essi
zeiva's avatar
Nice! Happy belated birthday! XD
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riasuki's avatar
This full-version game is on my wishlist! :)
SilverSakuraA's avatar
Does it have hentai scenes .. ? Momo Kisaragi (I'm doomed) [V7] Frozen - Little Anna Icon 
DaBossOfAnime's avatar
this is how i feel about thisMabelpines Kermityay Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] Ohmyglob Rainbrony okie Rlytear Jake crying plz Racing Girl Emoji (Senpai noticed me) [V3] Instant Fave I Imhappy CCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOORRRSSSS! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] Apple bloom jumping Hetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon Mew licky Psychedelicbutterflyemote The-dance Little-rocking-its: Maya Mabelpines Kermityay hide Rlytear Racing Girl Emoji (Senpai noticed me) [V3] 
ElementQueen2013's avatar
Is this the sequel of Area-X?
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