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Voices from the Sea


Follow the story of a young boy, Cantus as he meets Maris, the mysterious girl by the sea - an experience that will change his life forever. Collect seashells, unlock hidden Wallpapers, Theaters, and Side Stories as you sit back and enjoy this cute relaxing story The Free Version was funded by Kickstarter.

Now includes free
Mini Artbook!


Free Version

- Slice of life, Comedy & Supernatural
- Animated Backgrounds
- Rated Everyone

Plus Version

- Fully Voiced
- Character, Image, & Music Gallery
- 9 Wallpapers, 3 Theaters & 3 Side Stories

Get the Plus Version here:


- Director: zeiva
- Story: zeiva
- Illustration: zeiva & muhoho-seijin
- Soundtrack:
- SFX:


- Cantus: Ariel Highwind
- Maris: Eiburine
- Cano: Karen Hayman
- Garrio: Cody Johnson

Support Us: Homepage | Patreon | Steam
Game Updates: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter 
Illustrations: Gumroad | Instagram | Youtube


- Flash MX
- Photoshop 7
- Audacity


- 8 Months

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emilykitties2002's avatar
I love it
It's such a beautiful visual novel
LuannaDream's avatar
Wow that was so fantastic! I loved the characters, the story, everything!
Oh and yeah, I think Maris is a personnification of the sea or something...
That was such a good game! <3 Thank you so much for this experience!
zeiva's avatar
Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! ^^
JRPGandAnime777's avatar
Great job! Really liked Cantus and Maris! :D
FIREBIRDC9's avatar
This is a fantastic little story!

A "Once in a lifetime experience" if you will ;)

SnowBunny321's avatar
Oh my god! You made this game?! I purchased it from steam a while back, and it's an extremely good visual novel! Keep up the good work, I look forward to playing your visual novels in the future ^_^
You're incredible.

I always come across your games and haven't played many of them, but when I do, it always makes me smile.
thedemidod's avatar
I cried a little, this game is so beautiful and incredible and bittersweet. 
So lovely.

Also Maris reminds me of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe
KeybladeWielder123's avatar
I love Steven Universe. :-)
CookieLovesAnime03's avatar
I Cried After Playing This. This Game Is Truly Beautiful And Adorable!!!
theundertakerwwe19-0's avatar
This the a really beautiful game, it's just... wow...
Is in any way i can hear the soundtracks?
zeiva's avatar
You can listen to it in
theundertakerwwe19-0's avatar
Oh, thank you so much~! You choose a really good soundtracks for this game, it suits the game so well.
Oh and also, if you don't mind, another question, What's the Soundtrack name in the Opening Movie?
Mira071198's avatar
I don't hear the voice cast? ._.
zeiva's avatar
Only the Plus version has voice.
wildkeeping's avatar
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever played
lovely-able-heather's avatar
This was so amazing!!
Danderaion's avatar
Such a beautiful story. I enjoyed it a lot, thank you very much!
CaptainAzira's avatar
This game is adorable! And the Chrono Trigger reference brought me much joy! :giggle:
zeiva's avatar
It's awesome to see people get the references. XD
CaptainAzira's avatar
Happy to be of service! :)
Iszryl's avatar
I'm totally speechless, it's just so.. wonderful game. Thank you so much for making it!
yeeenaaax's avatar
aww this is so cute! 
is it alright if i happen to ship maris and cantus?
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