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- 8.5 X 11 inches Ordinary Printing Paper
- Pilot G-tech Pen
- Prisma Markers: Light Peach, Blond Wood, Sand, Deco Pink, Cloud Blue, Crimson Red, Yellow Ochre, Tulip Yellow, Light Tan, Pink Rose, Liliac, Warm Grey 10 & 30%, Cool Grey 50 & 80%
- Background: Photoshop 7 (Mouse)


- 5 Hours Sketch, 4 Hours Ink, 9 Hours Color


Complete series is available on my art book:
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fire-doused's avatar
OO my favorite element! In my favorite style too <3
yadayada1616's avatar
Okay, this may be my new favorite. I'll have to compare it next to the other one. Such prettiness!
pecomoca's avatar
Oh I love this Fire girls eyes!:flame:
You are just amazing!! Prisma markers should hire you for their advertzement!!! :wow:
Ryxis47's avatar
This is my favorite of the series and that is not just because fire is my favorite element
HeartlessMar's avatar
My favorite element!! ^_^ FANTASTIC JOB!!!
kyubigirl's avatar
topazcloud-si's avatar
very lovely, have another cookie. lol. srry just a habit. ^^
greensamurai's avatar
^-^ omg! how are you sooo gifted? i am faving all of your elemental works
Akemi-Ayura's avatar
I like how you used the space avalaible that would have been left empty since the girl is in a sitting position
HumanStick's avatar
Out of all the elements you've done, I'd have to say this one is my fav! Then Lightning and then Water, and the rest follow closely behind them!^^
sylnn's avatar
very very purdyful!
Elion-chan's avatar
Awesome... I love her hair :D
xweetke's avatar
I just feel the heat! Auch! she's hot >< X3 :love:
kajnova's avatar
Jay-Chan3's avatar
Beautiful... I love the way her skirt floats off into a flame. nice touch :D
Neko-Chiba's avatar
Completely amazing!!!
metropolis92's avatar
this picture is kewl!
ah i absolutely love this one. smokey outfit/hair, lantern, other smokey-firey thingys that i cant find the names of right now... haha just lovely
Yuri-Yurie's avatar
wooowww your style are really good!!You're the best!!!I love your drawings!!!
Maltina's avatar
I see some Asian elements in this picture, but I admire the skirt, it looks difficult to draw. I love the hair as well, excellent Job. :+fav:
King-Crimson-46's avatar
she's so beautiful, great job^_^
keyofligh88's avatar
Wow... I love her dress! It reminds me of flames of some sort of bonfire, also the Japanese insipred incense container really adds to the overall mood.
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