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Crystal Clear

By zeiva
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! :hug:

This is Maris from Voices from the Sea. I drew this for my upcoming digital artbook~

You can play the game for free here:…

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Illustrations: Gumroad | Instagram | Youtube


- A4 Printing Paper
- Pilot G-tech Pen
- Photoshop 7, SAI (Tablet & Mouse)


- 1 Hour Sketch, 2 Hours Ink, 15 Hours CG
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© 2018 - 2021 zeiva
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Beautiful work as usual. ^_^ I enjoy the details on her dress and her expression. X3
DTJB's avatar
More Maris is always a good thing.
PeloidVoid's avatar
the colors are amazing. how do you get it to look like that?
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And I thought it was a phisical artbook :<
That story reminds me a tiny bit the story from sophia de Mello Bryner, "The girl from the sea"
I dunno if i told you before, but its a pretty story ^^
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Physical artbook cost a lot of money (for both me and the buyers), so I probably won't do one until I'm better financially. Maybe someday, someday... ^^;
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I just love physical copies of artbooks, i can see all the pretty colors *.* 
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Same here. I prefer physical books. If only it's not so expensive to produce ><
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
how much it costs tho?
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A book costs about 20 USD, and that's without shipping. I did make artbooks a long time ago and lost 500 USD just from shipping. ><
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
really? that much x_x
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Simply beautiful!!! 
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Maris! So good to see her again!
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yes...clearly wonderful!
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It's always good to see new art from you show up in my inbox! I absolutely love the colors and the way they flow together, especially the orange eyes against the blue and white. Wonderful work!
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