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Cliche - Critical Change - Demo

By zeiva
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When a game is rated M for MANLY!

A phrase that is overused…
It betrays a lack of original thought…
Has the time come for a change?
A critical change!

Raise Muki, a muscular girl with the heart of a maiden in any way you want! Guide her so she can be with her beloved prince! Will things go horribly wrong, or horribly right? It is all up to you!

Get the full game here:
Game Homepage:…


- Comedy, Fantasy & Adventure
- Raising Sim, Puzzle & Visual Novel
- 9+ Endings & Unlockable Gallery
- Rated Everyone


- Director: zeiva
- Story: zeivamuhoho-seijin
- Illustration: muhoho-seijin & zeiva
- Soundtrack: Halcyonic Falcon X &
- SFX:

Support Us: Homepage | Patreon | Steam
Game Updates: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter 
Illustrations: Gumroad | Instagram | Youtube


- Flash MX
- Photoshop 7
- Audacity


- 8 Months

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© 2019 - 2021 zeiva
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Just a caution, I'm getting an HTTPS error when trying to access the site. Is there any chance you could correct your certificate? I can always ignore the warning and proceed anyways, but it is bad practice.

"Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,"
zeiva's avatar
Thanks for telling me. I fixed it the error (hopefully). Can you help me test if they are working fine now? I can't get the error you get so, I'm not sure if I have fixed them or not.
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Awesome game as always! I love your comedy haha XD The outfit designs in your games are always great, so unique and pretty!
And man, the main color scheme is gorgeous! I didn't think I would see another game from you with color scheme similar to OASE, it makes the game feel magical, especially if it's so funny!
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:XD: that's because this game was supposed to be made after OASE. A spiritual successor in a way, although it's also inspired quite a bit by Anicon, so the cuteness is also increased, as opposed to just being silly and ridiculous.

For bonus trivia, there is actually a Mirage Island in the background map of Human Realm, and a flying Mirage Fish in the background map of Heaven Realm. :D
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I can't believe that I stared at the maps for so long and never notices the fishes until you pointed them out! :XD:
zeiva's avatar
I didn't know it either until Nitarou pointed them out. She has been sneaking in so many Mirage Fish everywhere lol :XD:
Narucid's avatar
Even you didn't know! That's just beyond hilarious! :XD:
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Yep, it's her favorite thing to do lately. Sneaking in Mirage Fish into the backgrounds and asked me to guess where they are. LOL!
There are even some that I didn't notice until years later (particularly Anicon) She sometimes sneaks in just the tail, the cap, or making a table lamp body shaped like Mirage Fish body. :XD:
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Man, I still need to find all the fishes from Natural since I found out I had to look for them after I finished it, but now Anicon too, this is going to be fun :XD:
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Oh no, Natural is so much harder lol. Unlike Anicon, the story was more serious, so we made sure the Mirage Fish would be as less obvious as possible. Anicon should be a lot easier since you can actually hide the conversation box.

If you need some hints (not comprehensive since I'm just listing on top of my head), here they are: (or don't read if you want to look for them yourself)


Natural: There are a few hidden Mirage Fish in the painting on the Inn. There is also a hidden one on the map Olea has. There is an afro Mirage Fish hiding on the tree at the final ending when the tree bloomed, and another hidden Mirage fish hiding behind a tree in the same scene.

Cat: Cat's path doesn't have that many. The obvious one is Mom has a Mirage Staff. The photo frame that features Land's human version is decorated with fish. There is also a hidden fish in the Christmas Tree. There is also a hidden one at the final CG.

Sheep: Sheep has way more. She amped up the number in this one. There are plenty of them hiding in the kitchen. Make sure to check the kitchen again after it exploded, you will see the fishes scattered around turning into afro fishes. There are hidden fishes in the box that Sheep showed you during ghost stories event. When the caravan breaks, Mirage Fish can found under the caravan. I think the same thing also happened when the circus tent being destroyed.

That's all the one I remembered, I'm sure there are more LOL. ^^; You can blame Nitarou for being overzealous. LOL!
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this is an awesome demo!!!! 0-0

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Thank you! ^^
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I like it so far but when Manly narrows her eyes, she looks derp eyed......I don't know why but it bugs me SO much! Other then that it was a wonderful demo!
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Actually, I thought so, too. But the art of this game has been made since 2010, and been fixed a crazy amount of times, so I decided to leave it be. This whole game is derpy anyway. :XD:
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Lol this game is funny XD
zeiva's avatar
Thank you! ^^ I'm happy to hear that!
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omg sad this is only a t OMG this is so fun
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I'm glad you had fun with it! ^^
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Thank you! ^^
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