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Part of my artbook, SIGNATURE.

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- 8.5 X 11 inches Ordinary Printing Paper
- Bic Ballpoint Pen
- Photoshop 7 (Mouse)


- 8 Hours


- Traditional Chinese/Japanese Paintings
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© 2005 - 2021 zeiva
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it seems so sad... its as if she is waiting in vain.. and its just so great!!! i love the portrayal of the emotion..
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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I featured this deviation in my journal today. [link] :wave:
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This reminded me of a woodblock print as well. The muted colored scheme, style, and border all go really well together and the layout and composition are well-balanced. I particularly like how your digital painting style looks very similar to watercolors, which was a very nice touch. :-)
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Another amazing piece. Highly remenecient of traditional Japanese woodblock prints for which the coloration and composition harmonize with the subject. Another fave of mine.
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This is one of my favs from you! Beautifully done!
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It's pretty! It reminds me of a stain glass window.
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it's so beautiful n she sorta looks like kikyou
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Beautiful! The subtle colors and layout remind me of the Japanese Ukiyo-e prints.
If I only had one bit of advice:
design or have someone make a "Chop" with your name or symbol, this way you can place it in your work and it will not detract from the piece; but it will look less obtrusive than a signature.
Wonderful work.
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There is a very calm feeling to this picture. I like it.
fuzankiKAWAII's avatar
yeah... i can feel the breeze... so real *YAY
KojitheNeuroticBunny's avatar
When I first clicked on it I thought it was kikyo, marvelous job by the way (:
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this is an incredible work of art! nice work
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beautiful in a quietly elegant sort of way
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it looks like a stained glass design. I can imagine someone wiping dust off of it and revealing brilliant colors that might've dissappeared over time -^^-
Keneran-Akeno's avatar
i have to watch you now...lolz...your artwork is absolutly amazing! I love the colors, subjects, and just...everything^^; you're really talented! :hug:
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It's beautiful! =0
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Aaah.....how lovely. It's got this aged look about it, in the style of dress, the composition and the color scheme, that makes it serene and relaxing to look at. ^^ Lovely work, and I must say I like how you drew the hair and framed the picture with the bamboo in particular.
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Incredible atmosphere, I like the old style. This one is going to my favourites. :+fav:
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You used a mouse? Wow, I salute you for patience... I'm not that patient, anyway... ;) Lovely picture!
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Breathtakingly amazing work. Unbelievable...
:star::star::star::star::star: :worship:
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Truly incredible work on this! Love the border. Sorry about the hand... I read that on your front page. This is a great illustration though...
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It makes my eyes water how you could draw that with bic biro o.o
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