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Anicon - Animal Complex Demo


Clena, your normal everyday girl, finds herself in front of a circus filled with lovely animals. However, she quickly discovers that they are not ordinary animals - They are actually human boys who can transform into animals!

A romance, comedy, fantasy Visual Novel - filled with adventures, misadventures, adorable animals, brother conflicts, circus cleaning, collecting puzzle pieces, and more - all in one package!


- Romance, Comedy & Fantasy
- 9+ Illustrations & 3 Endings
- 3 Wallpapers, Theaters & Side Stories
- Rated Everyone

Get the full game here:…
Game Homepage:…


- Director: zeiva
- Story: zeivamuhoho-seijin
- Illustration: muhoho-seijinzeiva 
- Soundtrack:
- SFX: &
- Special Thanks: CinnaMonroe

Support Us: Homepage | Patreon | Steam
Game Updates: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter 
Illustrations: Gumroad | Instagram | Youtube


- Flash MX
- Photoshop 7
- Audacity


- 7 Months

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IDK why but my google chrome still supports flash content, no? Maybe just don't update your windows after all hehe. :)

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Very cute game~~. :iconluvluvplz:
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It's such a cute game! And Kad's so cute in his human form~
I really like the colors and little effects too (like those heart beats lol)
BluePandasAreAwesome's avatar
"I fail at life" - Dai
Haha, I love this!
naimazai's avatar
Aww, choosing which animal we like is such a tease. I want to know how they all look like as humans. XD
FallingFrozen's avatar
Beautiful game! Awesome work.
mangafanatic's avatar
So Neat! love the story!
Prinnia's avatar
ahhhh my god it feels like its been forever since i played a zeiva game, so happy there's a new one! :D
Raakone's avatar
This is nice!
melocule's avatar
Lol I didn't know the "sad story" hair guy was a running gag in multiple games. I played X-Note.
zeiva's avatar
He's kinda like Mirage Fish, it's accidental running gag, and now he is appearing everywhere. xD
Annissina's avatar
I think I would've chosen Cat even if he wasn't the only choice in the demo. :XD: I think I might actually get this game when I can afford it. :meow:
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the art work is amazing, and the characters are awesome, but I would love to have either more choices or mini games (like actually cleaning places). This game has great story line, but there isn't much to do.
zeiva's avatar
Most people don't like mini-games, that's why I didn't add any. (Other than the hidden object game for Special Ending.) I do have plans to add more mini-games in later paths, but otherwise I don't plan to make this gameplay heavy.
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This is such an awesome game! If I had money, I'd buy it the next second I've finished playing here!
By the way, Rabbit is my favourite character so far. Love him!
You did insane amount of work here! I look forward for the game releasing! (Maybe, one day, I'll be able to buy it. (TT_TT))
I love the graphics and art style. It's really soft and friendly.
Music and Effects are Super! I love them so far. They make the right mood for it and makes some moments even more funnier!
Story is really interesting! I lack humor sense, but here I have some stuff that I can have a good laugh about.
All characters are awesome. They really do feel like actual personalities. (Mom is so cool! +_+)
Idea about their transformation is really good and creative. I have never heard anything like that and I love it! It gave me some ideas for my stories and fanfictions. (Muse just jumped right out from your game and hit me in the head! @_@)
I also really like that your characters have a lot of emotion and movement icons. I didn't see such a big difference for ages. It's really good.
I love the idea of puzzles. I really enjoy wasting my time on puzzles, so I kind of fell in love with them. I'd happily go pixel haunting for such cute puzzles. (I know you've got to clean to find them =D)
Your attention to details is huge! I am not talking only about the decorations and characters, but also about you show what they give (like that ticket and purse) or barbeque table. It's really awesome.
It's also really strong in some way of life stuff. You know, like the last quote about dreaming and others. They are inspiring and actual true
About the characters:
Clena - is a good Main Character. I think, she perfectly fits the role of a MC.
Mom - she's a really interesting and intriguing character.
Owl - he's nice, I especially loved his scene with Mom, where they spoke about Clena.
Sheep - I love sheeps! And this one is no exception. In my opinion, he's one of most adequate characters out of all of them. I can even relate myself to him.
Chef - he's pretty unusual character for me, but I really like that new experience! I love his jokes about girlfriend. XD Made me laugh out loud. (And yeah you are a broccoli XD)
Rabbit - as I said before, he's my favourite character so far, bunny. ^^
Cat - so far, I like he's shyness (is that even a word? .-.) and I am a pretty shy person myself in reality, so I understand him, which makes me feel relatable. (He feels a little bit like a tsundere) (Someone as Clena would probably make me shy and embarrassed a lot too! >_<)
Pig - that was really unusual, but funny. I already like him!
Snail - he feel's like that guy, which would look really aggressive, but in reality is really soft and sensitive.
Elephant - as elegant as he is, it's really interesting to see him. I enjoyed his politeness and gentelmancy(?!).
Lion - I am not a fan of lions, but this character really interested me. I's like to find out more about him.

I hope I didn't bore you with all this and that it helped you (somehow).
So, you know what? I've got something for you! TAKE THAT! ^^ THE ULTIMATE LUCKY CAT! ....... oops....
zeiva's avatar
Thanks for the review ^^ Glad you like it! I like Rabbit too, he's so much fun to write~ xD
ElisCuddles's avatar
How could I forget about Monkey?!
Monkey - he's lovely first character that we meet! Sorry pal.
Nairuna's avatar
I would totaly buy it!
I woted for you by Steam greenlight. Good luck :)
KitsuneZurui-12's avatar
Omigosh, That was so enjoyable!! Thank you!
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this is like the cutest shiet ever. loved it! can't wait for the whole thing to be reveal and can buy it all at once when i get the chance. lol thanks again!!
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