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I currently am very busy digging deep into my colour slide archive - mostly travel photography, but also nature. A lot was done on assignments - I was lucky enough to work as a travel writer and photographer when I was a bit younger.

I had scanned some of my slides already, but have become much more experienced with both scanning and post-scanning recently. It's a labour of love - most of my stuff is on Kodachrome, digital ICE doesn't work on that material with my Coolscan 5000. Every image gets two scans - one with dust removal, one without, that have to be combined manually. These old slides need a lot of colour and tones adjustment/tweaking, de-noising and re-sharpening - many steps, that in some cases, when images are already damaged, may take hours.

Still I'm amazed by the quality I can get out of some slides.

The other, even more interesting experience is that I get back to my photographic roots.  I see reappearing subjects, themes and styles, and the courses and deviations I have taken in those years. This forces me to critcally rethink and re-imagine my current work and projects. It's heartening to see that I did make some progress lately ...
Just one week on deviantArt and already I feel very welcome here.

Thanks to all of you for your kind messages, comments, invitations.

Much of what I have seen here is very inspiring and amazingly well executed. Better, it constantly makes me re-imagine and rework my own pictures.

Hope to see and read more from you!

Martin / zeitspuren