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Desktop, 6-11-09: iRipper

First deviation! WOO!

No, but seriously, I'll have a drawing inked, scanned, and uploaded tomorrow or Saturday. Anyway, this is my desktop, featuring the iRipper. For those of you who don't know, this is from the Spoony One's LP of the game Ripper (featuring Christopher Walken!); I strongly recommend seeing it at The Spoony Experiment. You can also download this wallpaper there; just look under the Ripper category.

God, I've always wanted a PDA with a swirly blue thing in the corner...

6/29/09 EDIT: I do not own this image; this was made by Gideon Eklund, according to the Spoony Experiment. Please don't sue, kthxbai.
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Walken's/Magnotta's iRipper has a cigar cutter and an Abuse Quinlan app.
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that actually looks like something one of my brother's has. (minus the iphone apps)though it might be an old version of his.
freakin' hilarious