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White.... by Zeiran White.... by Zeiran
A small writing that i wrote on the fly and went with it. took a picture real quick and went from there. model is me, all done in Cs3. hope u enjoy!

"Who are you?" I asked into the night. i pulled the headphones from my ears and ignored the tickle of the beads of sweat that traveled down my temples. I would have noticed the coolness of their passing but was distracted by the massive thrum of my heart beat shouting over and over in my ears.
The street was dark. Night had come late that summer night and it was black as hell and blotted out all light as the sky was starless and empty above. I used to take comfort in the dark. in the thick humid summer air and the feeling of almost swimming as i would go for my daily night run down my farm town unlit road. Nothing much happens here. i get woken in the morning by mooing of the cows next door for crying out loud. This was something however. This was not something i expected at all.
And i had grown so incredibly used to the normal routine of it all. i never would have thought anything like this would have happened. not by a long shot. I don't know how i knew something was behind me. I mean i am a pretty fit guy. I ran for hours just out of pure boredom. I bench quite a bit, lift even more. Friends call me "Muscles" as i pull loads of heavy dish buckets into the kitchen hours on end with only my sweat to tell anyone that im moving at all. But it was like whatever was following me had been behind me the entire time i was running at full speed. I knew i had to turn because the feeling of repulsion had grown to far for me to ignore it anymore. a growing threat creeping up on me.
The form was black like the rest of everything around me. only the dim distant light from traffic lights miles away reflecting off the massive stretch of thick Grey, black, red, clouds above were all that gave anything the semblance of shape in the vicious black night. It moved closer and i took steps backward trying to back away from the thing that didnt answer to my calls of inquiry. I looked around for what im not sure because you couldn't see a fucking thing in that dark! I looked back and there it was an inch in front of me staring right into my gaze and i felt my heart fall into my stomach and then rise into my throat, warmth spread down my leg and i think i might have even shit my pants i don't remember. all that stood before me was a black body a black face that shined with perspiration making a shining sheen of slick upon the surface of it. There was black of no substance where the eyes would have been. two sunken abysmal holes were all that was where the windows of the soul should have been. Then a flicker, a glimmer of wet light and then two white pupils, milky and filled with pure white hatred and evil formed and were staring into me. Into my soul, and it was there where it grasped me and took me to a place of awful terror and pain. I dont remember much of it. i don't want to. because all i do remember is pulling myself out of a deep puddle of thick something and back onto the middle of my black paved farm road. i was gasping for air and i stumbled back to my house and pushed through the front door.
I stumbled through my house coughing and wheezing my body pulling itself together from some awful blaze. a terrible burn of some sort. i flew into the bathroom practically falling my legs were in so much pain and i vomited over and over into the toilet. Nothing but thick inky black ooze. i couldn't stop. The toilet was filled to the brim so much had spilled and forced its way out of me. i pulled myself up onto the counter and i looked into the mirror. i was covered in blackness. looked like molten tar, smelled it too. i screamed into the mirror because what i saw in my eyes was that where my pupils had been were what u see staring at you now. White.
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