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It's been forever! (NEW COMIC!)

2 min read
It's been so long it took me a minute to figure out how to write this entry...

To tell you the truth I forgot about dA for a while, but I am back with a couple announcements.


It's about the zombie apocalypse! And realistic swearing/gore/blood!

Also feminism! Because a lot of current zombie medium is kind of sexist.

It's on tapastic HERE

I like tapastic,much comics, very happy community

If you read please commento, because commentos make me a million times happier than likes or views! (although those are nice too) you could honestly say “I like that shade of grey on them walls" and I would be overjoyed and think about you while drawing the next page.

But also beware! there will be some blood/gore/body horror/eye trauma/sexual themes

If you get triggered by any of those things please don't force yourself to read the comic

(If you want specifics about triggering scenes to make yourself more comfortable send me a note and I can safely tell you exactly if your triggers are in the comic)


(and I have other less disgusting comics coming up)

Also: i will try to post more arts on here because art good!


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Social medias!

1 min read
Hullo! Just a quick message.
As you can probably tell I haven't really been on dA lately, but here's where I have been/am:

MY PERSONAL TUMBLR  (For posting my fandoms and pretty happy things)

(Also P.S. the more followers I get on twitter the more I can up-show my annoying as hell holier-than-thou cousin. It would be much appreciated.)
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Woaaaaah new Submit page!

1 min read
I think it's okay, pretty cool looking and simple to use for the most part.
What do you think?
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So it's been a while! (Dec. 16 News)

5 min read

I'm still making art, doncha worry 'bout that. But there's definately new stuff in store!

:bulletred: I nearly frazzled out into a depression of no return this week including one excellent breakdown in the girl's washroom, I don't mean that sarcastically because it was like something out of a movie and I felt somewhat better afterwards.
So now I'm up and kicking and better then I have been all month. Now I just have to figure out a way to survive next week.

:bulletred: One of the other things that saved me is the AWESOME SUPER AMAZIN OHMIGOD book series Escape from Furnace

WARNING! The website has a flash animation in the beginning with REALLY LOUD noise, lower your volume before you click:

You should read it though. Just do it.
(I need the fifth book to come to Canada, it's an addiction I swear but a good one)

:bulletred: I'm trying to get into colleges and stuff now. eyeing the two best art schools in the city, hopefully I'll get into one or the other (surprisingly enough the one without the big name behind it has MORE admission requirements then the big shot.)

:bulletred: I've learned that dA is not the best place for a portfolio account
it's our dA reputation mostly, I mean as much as I love this place some of the stuff that hits the front page doesn't exactly scream "We are a very highly regarded fancy shmancy art site" not that that's a bad thing in the slightest but for a serious portfolio I need a better site, I have a list recommended to me by a person in the biz so I'll get back to you on when I set those up.

so I am planning to deactivate my portfolio account and just stick to putting up my non-professional/comicy stuff here although as I come closer to college they seem to be meshing, maybe I'll just make a folder here for my schoolwork for you all to see.


:bulletred: Mermaid Sushi is on it's way past the prologue to the first chapter and you can read it here:

:bulletred: Hunted is still in the works, but I'm thinking I might just draw out everything until the summer (who knows?)

:bulletred: There's also a collaboration in the works between a buddy of mine that might be my funniest comic yet, lots of fourth wall breaking, parodying and stupid memes as a friend and I become the main characters in a world where a remote control sends us through books, TV and video games.

Basically I take on way too many projects at once.

:bulletred: SCHOOL ARTS!

So I've been painting a door, trying to sort out a water colour piece on a completely new media and trying to figure out an "artist who inspires you" paper-piece-presentation combo all being shoved at me at the same time. Last week I my brain turned to scrambled eggs over all of this but somehow I managed to pull though but now I just have to figure out how to finish all of this stuff and college admission requirements.

See you soon!

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NEW COMICS and other news! (Sept 25th News)

4 min read

:bulletred: My comicy/non realistic art style has changed A LOT since I last did any comicing. It's become more realistic because I finally figured out two ways to draw eyes that I really like that suit the rest of my style better. I've also expanded my range of size and race a bit in terms of my subjects of drawing. I can now draw curvier/ plus sized ladies! Which makes me very happy. I've also been able to draw black lady characters a couple times with some success, I still need to practice on both of those things but at least my drawings will eventually not all be white skinny people! Diversity yay!
(Except I'm almost starting to lose my abilities to draw males. I'm gonna have to fix that)

:bulletred: I've been having to make a big sketchbook for my portfolio so I'll definitely see about scanning things from it onto deviantart. either on my Portfolio Account (KonstantinaHoffman) or here. If you haven't watched me there and like my stuff you probably should because that's where my best of the best is going!

:bulletred: I've got two new comics underway

Mermaid Sushi - October 1st!
Mermaids! Sirens! Fantasy sub-worlds! Stranded People on Islands! and of course GAYNESS!
(I don't think it's possible for me to do a comic without having at least one LGBT couple, this one's got all F+F, M+F and M+M though so it's like a buffet of couples!)
This one has a LOT more writing behind it then when I first tried to comic it. It's the type of story that needs to be planned out before it can be done and I didn't do that before

HUNTED! - ... By November?
This one is technically a mix of comics and writing to create an auto-bio of the ex-girlfriend of mine who has been harassing and stalking me since January (and still is doing so, not as severely but enough to still make anyone uncomfortable.) It's more for me to get my feelings out about all of it more then anything but I think it'll be an interesting read to say the least.
I'm drawing it tradtionally during my free time in school so I can't set up a certain post schedule/release date (because soon i''ll start to be busy in school and yada yada so I'm building buffers while I can) but i'll try. Besides at the rate she's going I won't run out of material in a very long time (which is bad for my stress levels but good for my creativity so I don't know what to say.)

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