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So yea, personification of ANNET from `alexiuss's Romantically Apocalyptic (Which I intern for)
This took me a really long time for some reason. I blame school.

I was actually inspired by a cosplay done by one of the London Interns, Clara where she cosplayed Annet and used a hood for Annet's white shell back thing.

Go look at Clara's super awesome RP tumblr ([link]) She's amazing at being IC
(And also, you can go the the official RA blog here: [link] and receive Captain-y deliciousness)
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She looks prettyful. :3 Reminds me a lot of TRON! Double dose of awesome, nice work.
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Why thank you. I really love the movie TRON Legacy (Mostly because they had amazing visuals, the soundtrack is by one of my childhood bands and so many hot ladies)

Thank you!
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:D <3 Teh awesome~! She looks great, I love the design on the bodysuit. My aim is to learn switch-craft (working electronics into fabric projects) and make a proper ANNET costume with it!

Thanks for the nice comment about my IC-ness :0 <3

(It's Clare btw, ehe :3)
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It's youuuuu!
Why thank you darling, I appreciate it.
It took forever to do the body suit simply because I was trying to match all the little lights on Annet's underneath.
That would be SO COOL. And you could totally do a Tron Legacy suit if you learned how to do it (Have you watched that movie? You should. The plot is meh but the visuals are incredible and Daft Punk does the entire soundtrack.)

You're welcome, I tried to make up and Annet like quote for this along the lines of "Come be with me Engie and everything will be magical" and then I realized how flipping hard it is to speak Annet. You deserve mad props.
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Hahaha yeah, her original design is so boss but it's hard to draw/make/etc! XD You done good. :D

Oh man you know I havn't seen that movie, but I've seen some clips of it so I know what you mean, that would be actually awesome! Maybe one day I'll get good enough - I'm hoping to work on it over the summer, see if I can get the hang! I'd love to be able to make electronics, just little things, I know I knew how to make them when we did it in school so once I've looked properly into it again it should be easy. :3 And then I shall be able to create cool effects!

It's a talent not accessable to all. ;) I honestly have no idea how I can do it, maybe ANNET and I just have a bit of a shining thing going on....o -o Gives me a good giggle though, to have her replying to stuff...!
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Why thank you! Yea it's a pain in the butt, but I love the way it looks.
You definately gotta see it.

Do it! It'll be awesome!
I was looking for references of the TRON suits for a story i'm working on and I cam across this awesome jacket: [link]
maybe you could do something like that? Pick up a jacket from a Thrift store and light it up as sort of a practise run.

I think we all get a good giggle out of it.
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Oh man that would be sweet! I shall keep mine eye out for it. :) And yes, I want to make jackets like that! XD I shall learn these things!

I'm glad it amuses other people as well as me. :D <3

I want the other RA tumblr blogs to update/be active too. ):
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yayyy learning!

Yea what happened to everyone? all of a sudden like to thirds of the RA tumblrs have dropped off the face of the planet.
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I know right, it's sad! I know I don't do art much anymore, but then I don't get many Asks. However I keep an eye on things and update, as does the Snippy one (she still does art for it too, Snippy still gets questions XD). If the Captain, Engie and Pilot have gone or decided not to update anymore then I might make some accounts for them and I'll keep them ticking over.

At the beginning, like...about a year and a half ago now, there was a tumblr for every RA character all active at the same time. The Snippy and Engie tumblrs had an amusing rivalry. XD I made a very good friend through it, actually, the girl who has the Snippy one. The positive world of the fandom!
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It is, We gotta raise awareness of le fandom or something... I'll find a way to gather a list of all the RA RPers and promo them somehow.

yayyyy fandoms! they're the bestest.
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