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I watched the movie in christmas... so yeah~ :'D

Anyway, happy new year everyone! may you wishes come true :heart:
Thank you so much for your support and your kind words :hug:

You can visit me there as well:

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Beautiful portrait :la:

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Amazing hair...and the rest.
This is beautiful- ethereal and unearthly.
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xDDD por dios tienes que dibujar a ese tio sin la armadura, que sensualidad jajajaja
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OMG this is amazing! I've been trying to draw/paint him with his thorn crown for ages but I don't seem to be having much luck at the moment.
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So beautiful, so perfect... i love it Love Love Love 
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Oh by the gods this is gorgeous! 
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Doge Stunning!! Heart Love 
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Thank you! ♥
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I like how the shadows feel cool. :)
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hi there, I really like your artwork and have done an edit using it that was suppoed to be a time-passer but escalated quickly. I was wondering if you could allow me to upload the art, but with your permission and your credit will be known.
If not, I understand. this is wunderbar btw Clap 
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He is my favorite character in the movie!!!
Every time when I and my sister saw him we will say omg~~~look at him!!!
And this time is not exception.XD
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Thats funny!
I watched the picture first and than I tough: "He is totally could be Tranduil. I love shiny texture on his skin. He must be an elf, from Tolkien world (beautyful etc.) " Than I read the title and the discription. "Yay! He is really Tranduil" Cool! :D
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AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THRANDUIL!!!!!Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1]  Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2] EXO : Kyungsoo Fangirling :OMGDESUKAWAII: :fangirl: 
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Gorgeous :heart: He's so beautiful. Your painting is very realistic. I can always appreciate when hair is so well done ^^
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Thank you ! :heart:
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