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Main character of my comic, his name is Isaac. 
Hope you like him :heart:

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...unique sword -- nice detail in the overall image.
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Wow, you're talented, congrats ! *-*
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Also(sorry I couldn't edit the comment) he reminds me of cloud strife a bit, and an OC character me and a friend made (only the hair, style and eyes xD) 
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Love this!!!! It loooks like someone stole his bladder and patched him up xD
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Holy hell, in addition to the character's overall design, the attention to detail is phenomenal. Well done. :iconclappingplz:
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those scars are very mermorzing, hes so hot
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Thank you! ♥ 
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No problem h and happy new year
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Increibleee DDx es hermosoo <3
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Muchas gracias! nwn
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You're so talented ;w; amg. :love:
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Thank you!! ;u;
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Okay, I have been looking and looking.  Where is this comic that you speak of?  Are you posting it as a webcomic?  Publishing it somewhere?  Please, I need this.  Also, your art is amazing.  Huge fan.
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Thanks so much!! the comic is not finished yet, but I'm working on! it will be a free webcomic ^_^
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OMG a so sexy boy :p
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I've been seeing this piece randomly over the internet, it's great to finally discover who the artist is. But anyway, what a hottie! :heart: 
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Me da impresión la cicatriz....
Pero me encanta♥ XD 
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I have a question: Do you do one layer art?
If so, and you manage what you do your talent should be illegal. Just sayin'
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