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September 14, 2017
A piercing blue stare sets the focal point in Griffith by Zeilyan
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Ellysiumn
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2016 painting, I'm not sure why I never posted this here but oh well... here it is : D 
I don't know if I hate or love him~
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"Is he living his dreams in death? death the end of dreams?” – Griffith

Fantastic work!

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I mean I couldn't say anything you probably haven't heard. This is fantastic work.

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Awesome portrayal of the Falcon of Light. Truly captivating. Griffith is my favorite character of the manga, and yet I have a deep loathing for his person lol. I guess that's what you call conflicted. Somehow, your painting highlights this contrast in character.
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Stunning. Absolutely spellbinding. I truly enjoy the way you paint him with a sense of sympathy. You capture his vulnerability so well. 
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Ive seen much art of him from you. But all I've wanted to know is....

Is he gay? Do he got a manz?
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Absolutely gorgeous love it!!!
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заверните. Беру ехехе)))
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GREAT!!! :) 

Really, the details and the overall are superb!
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Gorgeous. Stunning. Amazing. I don't have enough words to describe this peace. Simply genious.
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Congrats On Your DD by Jassy2012    I would be happy if you join my group :iconwe-collect-dds:
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Omg I would get so frustrated working with so much of such a light color!  Wonderful work, and I admire your patience! :D
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Such beautiful, innocent eyes he has... 
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wow ... masterpiece 
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Love it!
Great work :D
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This so beautiful.

I especially love the effects on the sword and armour. I can actually imagine how cool it is to the touch.

I also love how you did his hair. It looks so soft and gorgeous.
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I'd give him my soul not kidding-
BEAUTIFUL ART AHH :heart::heart:
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Congrats on ur DD!!
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... I kind of settled on "hate that I love" this character. Beautifully dreamy painting, just like his castle :iconbigheartplz:
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Oh my god, i never expected to see Berserk fan art featured! :0
This is honestly stunning?? I love how realistic this looks. Can wait yo see more stuff com you <33
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OMG this is perfect! 
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