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No joke this time

I never post here anymore, there is no activity or socializing anymore and am just 100% bored of this place.
It is nothing but whiney babies who complain about prices or deliberately pick fights over stupid stuff, sorry but I'm done!!!

Members here are way to immature and the way this place is run is just SICK!
Tired of seeing IRL porn of someone's dick, vag, breast! or even worse their ass hole!!! that's not art ITS PERVERTED!!! like this sick mother fluffer!!!!… makes me want to vomit but that's okay that his testicle are hanging out right!?! HELL NO!
That's okay by DA standards but you draw your female character with a little leg showing and suddenly it's wrong and your banned...
Among other things wrong with this site just cant deal with it anymore

This place is dead to me!!! I quit, goodbye, so long, see yah! SCREW THIS PLACE!
So gone...

Not hating on everyone here but most people I encounter act like trash and like poking at others, I just can NOT stand bullies!!!
I got bullied a lot in the past and snapped on a couple people and hurt a kid from being bullied and sexual harassed, so to see it happen here pisses me off!
Telling people they should die or no one likes them and even worse stuff that goes as far as being sexist or racist is just messed up and its everywhere here.
Dont want to look at it even more, the children on here are way to cruel and just need a intervention and maybe a exorcism

You guys still care to watch me you can do so here… or