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New toy

New toy

So ive gotten myself a new tablet... a Trust slimeline widescreen tablet... it was abit pricier than my old one but heck i could afford it and I wouldnt mind that extra performance. Unluckily the same problem arose with this one as with my older tablet.... shaky cursor as if I had parkinsons. Alas the trouble seemed to fix itself once i unplugged the charger to my laptop. sources say stuff that are to long and complicated for a man of my limited computorial knowledge to explain it all in accurate detail (something with the motherboard I think). But that means I just need to use it with the charger unplugged. Which will do untill i get myself

Well this sucks.

Well this sucks.

Had to quit work early today since I was not well enough to work in the kitchen.... having a cold and working with foodstuffs aint that good of an idea youknow. But then when I got home, I decided to get started and draw something today... only to find my tablet not working properly, the pointer is all jittery and shaky when i try to use the pen (and no my hands do not shake that badly normally.). Reinstalled the drivers, rebooted the computer, changed the battery for the pen and no results. Im afraid its damaged somehow and it has trouble registering the pen properly. So I will have to get a new one, not long ago i had to buy a new AC adap

Pathfinder, substitute work and more.

Pathfinder, substitute work and more.

So yeah Ive kept myself busy by attending our towns local wargaming club, where we play tabletop games, boardgames and now even roleplaying games. Its been a good year for us and we have had tons of money over for good stuffs such as new games and new terrain pieces. plans are being made for maybe bigger things this summer. :lol: Tried the game Arkham horror, a game that took forever to set up but was a hell of a lot of fun to play since every player need to cooperate to prevent the elder gods from returning. at the end of the game the town of Arkham was flooded with monsters, something my gangster was very eager to deal with his tommy gun!

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DorianNavarreHobbyist Artisan Crafter
hey there, thanks for the Fav, tis appreciated :)
ChewbaccaStomperProfessional Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the fave! I appreciate it!
thanks for the fav
Apotheosi General Artist
merry christmas Zegz! ^^
Ziadan! I'm watching you back. Good to see you on other internets!
Hi there! You have some pretty nice work in your gallery and you have such a cute cat ^-^. Your friend Djoseph referred you to me because I asked him if he'd like to see a sequel to the Darkstalkers series. You see I'm a member of the Darkstalkers community/official Capcom website asking fans if they'd like to see a sequel so we can finally show the company that there is plenty of interest in the franchise and that they can make money off of another series besides Street Fighter haha. The vice president is impressed with the amount of support we've managed to raise and the producer of SF4 lately has been asking for fan support himself and since the DS comic series is coming back we hope that this campaign will indeed give light to a sequel^^. If you're interested in the idea I'll only need/want your Deviant Art name to add to the support list.