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Beat Universe

Yeah I'm not dead.
First upload in a WHILE! I actually finished this game last summer, but I'm releasing it now.
I'm working on a HUGE flash project right now with a very talented artist and it's going to turn out great.

Anyways, here's my game description:

Earn stars as you play songs to unlock new levels! Unlock all of the stars and you'll be able to play a bonus minigame!
Compete for the best total score, which is sum of all your highscores on each song, in a real time ranking system right from the main menu.
Get in to the rhythm and play along to visually stunning animations that react to how you hit notes as you play. And of course, featuring tons of awesome and efficient particle effects.
- High quality speakers or headphones are recommended.

Click and Drag/ Flick: Navigate song select menu
P: Pause
M: (While paused) Return to main menu
SPACEBAR: (If ready) Activate Autoplay

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The last song's BG gives me a headache and could potentially give someone a seizure...
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Man this is my first time playing and I'm already in the 1000000 ranking :D
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this sir is an awesome game i enjoy playing it.
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keep up the good work
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and i also agree with flashjockey imma play this game till im the best
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really great! i think u came up with anew type of rythm games there <_<
FAVED!! and i'll be playing this til perfection :D
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Thanks a lot man :D
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well, this game is nice and fun to play :D, i think this more easy than freakin osu! which i am lost a hundred times :crash:.
but, this kinda wasted my times, because it needs a download when you playing a song which selected :(, i am stop playing at the fifth song after 8 hours playing :nirvana:

my scores :
song 1 :4.243.720
song 2 :4.797.550
song 3 :3.249.190
song 4 :7.864.480
song 5 :4.779.090
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Download speeds were slow?
aceline1996's avatar
dunno is my connection is the problem or the download are slow :P
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I like the game, but it is almost impossible to play with just a touch pad.
flyingmerpig's avatar
nice music, Very clean game, I like it :D
ZEGMAN's avatar
Thanks a lot!
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I find this too hard with a mouse. I tried the first song and found it fun when notes came slowly, you had enough time to move the pointer and hit the note. When the notes switched to rapid, you just ended up tracing the path and clicking randomly. Strangely, I can hit the notes visually if I turn the music off.

What troubled me most was that the pattern of dots changed from slow to fast when the music stayed the same. It picked out one instrument for a couple of bars and then switched to another for no apparent reason, it rarely follow the instrument I want to play anyway. It's a shame because the music is good.

I don't play this kind of game often so perhaps other people will get it more than I do, I dance quite a lot and that really focuses on hitting notes. Anyway, I'm glad you're not dead.
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Thanks for the feedback buddy :D
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Yeah.. 1.062.980 on song 1 :stare:

... With a touchpad :ninja:
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awesome reminds me of the game Osu!!
ZEGMAN's avatar
It was inspired by Elite Beat Agents :D
dl33t's avatar
oooo definitely gotta play that! :D Good job with the game
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