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Free sketches | Yolko's drawing list


Animecon VII / Finncon 2009... Was better than I expected, it was great!
More than Animecon, I liked to listen to Finncon's guests of honour: Alastair Reynolds, George R. R. Martin, Adam Roberts... Rocket science, writing science fiction and stuff :D

I myself didn't cosplay or sell my art, but I think I supported many Finnish artists on those three days : D Every day I bought something from the artist's alley - what I'll do with all that art, dunno, but... They're so pretty ^3^ Should I list the artists who I bought something from? They're really great.

I met Zanna-kun again, this time we even talked for a while ^__^ (though I really was in a hurry, sry ;_;) and I was found by an ACTUAL FAN, Arfikka! THANK YOU, it cheered me up tons.
I know that SirMeo, Iaikaa and Liftrashir were there, but I just couldn't find them or vice versa.

Other stuff than that:

I can use my tablet again, YAAYYYJJJJ! And I'm eager to use it, when I have time, inspiration and patience...
But, our scanner is broken, and I'm waiting for my dad to buy a new one. So, my traditional draings have to wait, once again.
I'll probably buy myself an own scanner when I move away to Jyväskylä, but not yet.

Today and tomorrow I'm really working in the piggery, since I'm first time fully responsible for all the pigs... My parents and our worker are away from home, and my sister got sick (luckily not pig influenza!) so I had to learn feeding pigs in a day. Everything's still fine, I hope tomorrow goes well also...
But I really have to get enough sleep in the evening (plus naps), waking up 6am isn't too fun T_T

So sorry for still not uploading much, but... I want to make my works good.


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Free sketches | Yolko's drawing list
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Arfikka Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009
Haha, kiitos sulle kun törmäsin suhun! :D Ja nyt jopa löysinkin sut täältä! Minä siis = Noel :D
Zeggolisko Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jeijee! Sinä oot hyvä löytämään ihmisiä, selvästikin : D
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Submitted on
July 17, 2009