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Yoshi Tongue Plant

By ZeFrenchM
Yoshi created a new trick on a quarter pipe. It's like an Hand Plant but with your tongue. Well only yoshies are able to do a such a trick cause their tongies are long enough.

Don't try this at home kids.
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Tongue plant, hand plant, then face plant. XD Very well done
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Oooooh nintendo should make a new Mario sports game. Mario skate challenge!
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I made a cover
SpikeTheFoxyYoshi's avatar
I can see it already. Mario and the other char skate in different skate maps from Peach castle to the snowy plains to Bowser castle... and many other theme's. Nintendo have to make that for the Wii and wii U
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Yoshi le roi du skate 8D
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Il fallait bien que Yoshi utilise une technique comme ça!
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Okay... We need Mario Skateboarding now.

Peach could float for a while for one of her tricks. Bowser could do the Whirling Fortress, Mario could use powerups to do fancier tricks like using the cape to knock his board around, or using the fire flower to make his display more dazzling.

Heck, they could even have Koopa Shells as special skateboards! Who's with me?
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Hey didn't notice your comment before. I have the same idea.
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Technique inédite ET redoutable!!! XD
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C'est un trick qu'il a créé !
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Et que lui seul peut maitriser!! ;p
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Ayoye. Méchante tactique de skate pour Yoshi. :omg:
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trick spécial !
shnoogums5060's avatar
Pas mal spécial, oui.
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