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My Brain On Vacation

*If you want to use my picture on your blog, I can't stop you, but PLEASE link back. It's only polite. I think you can see from the comments below that this picture was not "instant art" Nothing good is.*

EDIT 2009: After a couple of years, I have better artistic eyes. I've touched up some things (most notably the clouds) and made the chair so it looked more solid. The changes are also reflected in the print.

EDIT 2: So I made the shadow "warmer", added some texture, pushed the shadows, added highlights to the brain and the sunglasses, and made the sky brighter (more saturated). I'm pleased with the results, but no kidding, folks, that's it. Any other suggested improvements are going to have to wait for my next beach picture :D. I wanna do other things now.

EDIT: cleaned up a lot of stuff on the detail level, like the shadow, the chair, the brain, the surf, the clouds . . . what didn't I fix? The sand.

*Sigh* If only my real lapses of memory cold be explained this way. But no, when MY brain forgets something, it is most likely that the poor dear has been distracted by something else. Like a story or an idea for an artwork. Like this one.
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Love this wish I could buy it!
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Homer's Brain: Well you can stay, I'm leaving!
Hello, I am an 18 year old Apprentice in Birmingham looking to use your Music Video about Mental Health in an animation I am making about all types of Mental Health for one of my Qualifications.
The only people that will view my animation is Myself and the Moderator.
Thankyou and I hope to hear from you soon.
Danielle Blizard.
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You can go ahead and use my artwork as long as you credit me in some way. (but there's no music video . . .)
Hi! I'm suffering from a concussion and about to go on a convalescent mini-retreat. I'd love to use this wonderful piece of artwork (with full credit and linkage) as my "back later" sign on my blog and Facebook. May I?
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I don't know if you've already gone, but if you'd like to do that (including full credit and linkage) go ahead. (Sorry I'm not on deviantart too much, anymore.)
I hope it's okay, but I went ahead and used it. You can see it here: [link]

It's truly wonderful. :)
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This is awesome! I actually found this on google, although I'm on dA. I'd like to use this in my blog, if you don't mind. It fits perfectly. I'll use the embed code, though, so it will be linked back to here. Let me know if that's ok. Here's a link to my blog. [link]
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Actually, I feel honored. Thanks for using my work and linking it back.
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:blowkiss: Thank you for sharing your talent. It's a great piece! :D
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Haha, the idea is awesome and original. The image looks very nice too. Great job on the colors and the setting. Oh and nice title for this too!
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:lmao: funny concept, delightfully tasty result! I wish my brain could go on vacations sometime...
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i have put this in my journal [link] :rose:
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Absolutely wonderfull! I love this idea and the way it became! congratulations!
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:w00t: you are featured in my journal :)
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my really pleasure :)
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I love it, I'm wondering if everybody could do this there will have a bunch of zombie looking like... great concept :D
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my brain should be there too that explains why my head is cut open and.....///falls over and die///
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Funniest thing I've seen all day!
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good job man

my gallery i hope u like it
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That ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!
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All i can think is "aand this is your brain on drugs!" should be after this :D
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I like it, but it is a just ashame in the real world, when it is a hot day in the UK. It feels like my brain is on a frying pan or the fluids for my brain is being drained.
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