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Morenatsu Model 2 - Shin, Head by ZeeWolfman Morenatsu Model 2 - Shin, Head :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 12 4 Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Final Build by ZeeWolfman Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Final Build :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 2 3 Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Body by ZeeWolfman Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Body :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 3 1 Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Head by ZeeWolfman Morenatsu Model 1 - Kouya, Head :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 8 8 Raven by ZeeWolfman Raven :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 4 1
"So... hold on... What exactly are you telling me here, Kap?"
Kaplan had spent the entire night fretting, but nothing had really happened, as tense as he was. After spending his initial adrenaline rush cagily peering out of his window at the sleek Viridian skyline of Tanden, he'd actually managed to coax himself into an early, if somewhat restless, 6am sleep.
Now, he stood before the desk of his employer, who currently looked like Kaplan felt. His own personal terminal was a flittering cascade of information: building plans, squad psychological profiles and CCTV feeds. His desk was an colossal pile of paper and ink and it was readily apparent that both himself and the trees hacked down to create said pile shared more than a few sentiments about the arrangement. Jutting haphazardly between a large sheaf of crumpled paperwork and a long abandoned (and apparently gestating) mug of what could hesitantly be called coffee was a nameplate so often found on the desks of high-flying executives.
:iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 1 1
Staring at the now blank computer monitor, Kaplan's heart raced.
The important thing to do... was breathe.
Clearly the SysAdmin decided to check up on his systems at 4am. It was strange, but then again, not entirely unheard of. Most SysAdmins were people pretty much like him, with the sleep schedules to go with it. Kaplan hadn't been to sleep for almost a full day, and though it was far from the longest time he'd been awake, it was certainly making itself known. His eyes, previously heavy from fatigue, were now slammed back, running off of pure, sheer fear adrenaline.
His eyes flitted after the single line of text floating on his screen, its searing white text clashing against the deep abyssal blue background. "No Signal", his monitor couldn't detect his computer.
He'd pulled the plug on his internet connection. Not his computer.
His brain was still out of town on the subject of breathing. There was far more bamboozling puzzles which needed his immediate attention. The facilitation of
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ComputerMouse 1
A blinding ray of light pours out of the screen and cuts through the inky pitch dark of the room, starkly glowing around empty noodle cups, turning the oily globs of grease fermenting on their rims into a shimmering splendour. The discarded jackets and wayward sock communities nestled amongst the floor become dour, unsettling forests of fabric while a pile of clothes mounting the computer chair looks particularly unkempt.
Truly, this room is a bastion of bachelorhood.
The only sign of movement within this abode comes only from a blue bar upon the screen, slowly inching its way to the indomitable 100%, a journey which was almost complete. Within the blue bar itself, file strings shoot past at machine gun pace, with an occasional smattering of numbers and periods.
At long last, the blue bar's voyage is complete, the endless stream of letters and numbers cease, to be replaced with a 12 letter long string of gibberish.
The pile of clothes brooding in the computer chair shuffles, as
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Comments on Personal Philosophy.
Long have I sat ill at ease, when all the world has laid to rest.
Just myself, the darkness and the fantastical backdrop of the stars.
Alone with everything, beyond what lies in the space behind my eyes.
Often I've wondered, that question of questions. Long it has plauged and haunted my thoughts.
An ebony dagger of doubt gouging across my soul. Tantilizing in its fleeting, half thought answers.
Why anything? Why everything?
What, in essence, is it all about?
What is the meaning of life?
I concider myself a fool. One who would call himself alone with everything.
Nothing has changed. An answer is still not forthcoming. But I am comforted.
My question was incorrect.
I now no longer seek the meaning of life.
I seek the meaning of MY OWN life.
I am surrounded by the beautiful unknown. Of answers not found.
This will be most enjoyable.
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Freelance Inc Character Concepts 1 by ZeeWolfman Freelance Inc Character Concepts 1 :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 1 0 The Assistant by ZeeWolfman The Assistant :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 0 2
Solo Top
It was quite funny really. "A sailor through and through, a sailor until I die" was what he'd keep telling himself, but he kept spending more and more time on land these days. Not that he'd tell anyone, but it wasn't something he minded.
Especially these moments, when it was just him and the turret. During this minute and a half, the air was filled with such trepidation, like the wind dying just before a thunderstorm out at sea.
The turret, looming and stately, began the process of powering up. Deep within its crevices, a brilliant blue light began to seep through, empowering the statue with a ominous hum.
Ominous to his enemies of course, to him it was as friendly as the creaking of planks beneath his feet or winds lashing at the sails. Or even the sound of seagulls on the stiff breeze.
He fastened the Brawlers Gloves onto his hands and gripped his sword, on his belt clinked two bottles: One red, one blue. One for the body, the other for the spirit, heheheh. Compared to his companions
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Sketch Binder, Ink Practice by ZeeWolfman Sketch Binder, Ink Practice :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 1 5 Ya Know What They Say.... by ZeeWolfman Ya Know What They Say.... :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 2 3
Happy Birthday, Mom.
Fond memories squandered and not cherished, I was so eager to grow up.
So eager to be my own person, even during this I've been nothing but a fool: Illuminated by a glowing screen, I spent my childhood uncaring.
My entire life, in your warm embrace. Protecting me from the horrors of the real world. I never had to work like you, who never had the luxury of an education. Not knowing anything else, I took it for granted, which is the last thing I should have done.
I spent so long thinking you were my enemy, when you were in fact my closest friend.
Your urgings for me to try harder were not jeers, though they sapped my spirit. They were sage advice, warnings for the future. In my childhood arrogance, I failed to pay heed, and am now paying.
All those times of voice and shouting, they were only because you cared. You worry obsessively over me as I trek through unfamiliar lands. I don't go out like you often did, and met people and shared.
I hate to say that despite (or because of) your atte
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Daryl by ZeeWolfman Daryl :iconzeewolfman:ZeeWolfman 0 1

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Comm White: Dice Cavok Ref. by prdarkfox Comm White: Dice Cavok Ref. :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 9 19 The Crowning by prdarkfox The Crowning :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 8 13 Freelance Jason Pryde concept by prdarkfox Freelance Jason Pryde concept :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 12 29



It's been about 7 months, so I figure it's about time I say SOMETHING new here, huh?
Ain't got a whole lot to say. I graduated. Lookin' for work. Thats about it, really.
Got a few short stories churned out, and I've dabbled a little with the pencil too, as you can see.
I dunno. I feel like I'm becoming my old tacturn self. Not sure I like that.

Anyway. I won't take up any more of your time.
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