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Published: December 26, 2007
whee Happy holiday !
I promised with Caille that I will introduce my hamsters XD
and now I have a short freetime before going to do homework T [] T.
after I got them I didn't have any idea for thier name.
So I asked Caille and my rl friends.
then I had many names in my head and couldn't choose  names @ A @,,
Then my roomate called them 'Hyper' and 'Turbo' that match with thire personality.
ahahahaha I know this is funny names. But I like them XD
let's see them now T v T,,
OK here we go//

her name is Hyper XD
She love to lick human's hands and fingers >__<,,
Oh! yes she is really hyper likes her name!
She can jump so far @ A @.. I think she wants to fly ahaha.
btw she's very gentle with people ^ v ^..

His name is Turbo!
but Nestrasentra always call ' Pam ' = pamu
Turbo have big cheek.Becos He always keep food in the mouth too much.
awwwwwwww He bites!!!!! * [] * and HE IS VERY FAT !!! ahahaha...
He loves to play with Hyper but Hyper doesn't care Turbo. . .
Hyper likes to play with human more than T [] T;; aiiiiya~

kiss * 3 *..

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อ๊ายยยยยยยยยยยย คุณหนู น่ารักค่อดๆๆๆ
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แมวของเซก็น่ารักมว้ากๆค่า XD
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เอ๊ะ เห็นดด้วยหรือคะ นั่นมันแมวอ้วนๆยาวๆค่า ฮุฮุ
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น่าบีบจริงๆให้ดิ้นตาย อิอิ
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พี่แนะกี้หยิบมาบีบทุกวัน กุละเสียวมันตายยิ่งนัก T A T..
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หยิบมาบีบ ๕๕๕๕๕๕๕๕๕๕
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ออกกำลังมืออะดิแก T A T
หนูกุบินได้นะเว้ย ฮ่าๆ . .
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เห้ยยย บินโดยความตั้งใจของตัวเอง หรือ เป็นไปด้วยความตั้งใจของคน วะ ๕๕
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mashi-tsushiroProfessional Digital Artist
Kawaiii. woah zee chan, merry christmass and happy new year ne. love you always. hope u get the best on this new year ne XD and i pray that u will be always happy XD
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Thank you Mashikun!!
same to you! I hope you have wonderful year!
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mashi-tsushiroProfessional Digital Artist
woah thanks for the pray XD you too ne zee chan
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อยากฟัด ///=_=///
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arumiseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww they are so adorable! (^0^)

I had a hamster that looked like Turbo! Her name was Ginger and she liked to bite me! But I loved her nevertheless! :heart:
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awww Yes I think they bite with love XD
Happy new year * 3 *,,
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MiyukikoProfessional Digital Artist
wahh~ both of them are so cute *__* :heart: I wish I had some hamsters too~ :heart:
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subaru01rinsProfessional Digital Artist
น่ากินจัง :aww: กระดูกกรุ่บกรอบ กรุ่บๆๆ
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For a second there I thought that pictures of Matsu Jun will appear. Lol! =3

Iya~ I love the names. Too cute la!! I really like Turbo... ohoho... Fatty ham ham! <3
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ahahah Kimi wa petto XD lovely Jun as Momo* - * I like this drama so much!

I have 2D animetion project and yes! cartoon style ^ v ^. Last term I had 3D animation project T [] T,,[link]
I don't like it and don't want to learn it anymore.
So I choose to learn 2D animation in this term ^ ^,,
awww feel free a bit. . . but it's very hard and boring *[]*..
I hope my university will open electronic painting academic.

Do you plan to entrance in art faculty? awww I cheer you * - * .. you are so talented!
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<3 I love this drama too!

Ara~ I thought so.. Usually for school work the professors want the drawings in cartoon style. 0,0"

The 3D chara design is interesting! I can already imagine it moving! It's too bad you don't want to learn more about this, but hey, I think I'd get bored of 3D too. :nod: Oh, and you should post your animation project here if you can! *w* Is it in flash?

Ah, I have Multimedia arts as my course. But I dropped it right now. Pupupu... I take a break. It's tiring to draw for school!
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I draw it in paper or in computer frame by frame. and composite in adobe affereffect. T A T,,
I going to die at line animating. . . afer that I will go to hell when I animate color shade and tone. T [] T,,

I will post it when it finish! hope I can do it well TT TT,,
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Awah~ Sounds tiring... I tried animating, but I gave up! T^T

I bet you'll do well though.. =3 Wahaha! I'm excited to see what your animation looks like! So when is it due?
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around march T v T ,,v ahahahaha FIGHTO!!
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Yara~ OAO" so close... huuu... Good Luck!!! ♥♥♥
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Ahmygod^^" I forgot... I was going to ask you what kind of animation project are you doing? =3 Is it in cartoon or anime style?
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