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This is really good! =-D

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terrific so so so so good
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Magnifique !  
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did you sketch this out first?
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red string of fate?
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absolutely love this, I just can't get over how beautiful it is
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window09's avatar
bizarre yet scary
COOLBOSS13's avatar
Your arts are so amazing! 
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Your work is masterful, your imagination and the construction of your particular iconography are absolutely inspiring. The use of light, hues and symbolism are incredible and very distinctive; impeccable technique. If you don't mind my asking:  Is your work mixed media? As in oil painting digitalized and reworked? or it is all digital brushes over a drawing pad? As a master of the medium I hope you can share with us a bit of your process or technique. I'm in awe of your work. Thank you for existing!!
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From what I've seen on their artstation it looks to only be digital art.
Anora86's avatar
Wonderful art!!! I don't know how to Express mн admiration!!!
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That's for sure an incredible piece of art. Humanity must praise you. Thanks.
garawasteman's avatar
nice job i am proud of you
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
This is so amazing! The babies/children lighten up the creepy mood while still being slightly creepy.
AliceLocke's avatar
Beautiful and also creepy...I LOVE IT :D! I like your art style too :D 
nrdygmrn7's avatar
WOW this is breathtaking, it is like my life with 3 kids under 5 and babysitting a 7 year old. I am sure interpretation is different for all but for me this feels like everyday you put on several masks and for me I have struggled to find my identity before I became a mother. So glad I found this. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is amazing and so deep, I'm in love with this 😍😍
Cyatus's avatar
Beautiful !! 
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that is really pretty and well done.
bun-bunnn's avatar
Your art is really beautiful, in a sort of eerie and fascinating way.
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