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This is my First time to do comic, hope u guys like it...
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Is it actually going to be continued?
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that's similar to the sport bloodright in my book
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So basically the fighters of the arena dont get any food and have to win fights and eat their opponent to avoid starvation?
Basically Cannibalism?
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Yes, you are right!!
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Something like that just have to be super interesting!
A very unique thing you created here
Wow, a very interesting way to go about the gladiator system. Kill or be killed, but at the same time cannibalism to survive another day. Actually, lol, the foreshadowing in page 2 is a partial give away. Overall, a great short comic! I hope you continue and there are tons of questions. Is this even on Earth? Where are the other lifeforms come from? time period? Or alternate universe? Just one kick to kill the beast (either very strong or I'm missing something)? Name/species of the cat creature? Will the next comic (whenever it comes) be about how the female gladiator got tossed into the arena? Name of the protagonist, or are you saving that till next time?
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I'd buy this in a heartbeat if there was more to it.
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Would there be a website for this comic?
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if this is all you hav i am impressed i like it, if theres more i want it, and if you haven't decided if you want to continue i think you should
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haha. Thanks.. I'm currently rushing on something else, but already have the ideas for the coming works. Stay tuned! hehe. =)
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awesome comic, i really enjoy it, hope you continue it :3
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these stuff totally rules dude :D
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Geez..! I'ld Buy if theres One. *Two Thumbs up for You*!!
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Fantastic work for a first comic
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Awesome! Hard to believe this is your first comic :)
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Your first time?? But this is PERFECT!!!!
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This is awesome.
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This is great! Your colors are so fresh and vibrant. The staging of the panels is amazing. Honestly, I don't think you need the narration, it lacks the sophistication of the art accompanying it.
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great!! glad i'm watching you : )
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