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TUTORIAL: how to draw raptors

i have had alot of people in the past either ask me how to draw raptors, or when will i make another tutorial. so here is a tutorial on raptors. grrrr. i hope its understandable and stuff.

This will prolly be edited a few times, i plan to add a new section every now and then. i am open for critique from those who perhaps have had even more experience with dromaeosaurids.

i am always available for redlining.

-added in the halluxes to avoid confusion
-edited a minor wing feather error pointed out by ixerin
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scientists have a theory that during when dinosaurs were around there were stages, during these stages dinosaurs had feathers, then they evolved to no more feathers.

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I've always admired your way of drawing the correct anatomy of a raptor, and this tutorial is just what I need to create my raptor character. As always, you do an amazing job!

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Useful. Thank you.
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What is that on the back of the neck?
Rhynca-Rook's avatar
But why are they so long there?
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It's kinda like a feathery mane.
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I can't find an answer to this
Hmm, 2010. I'm assuming either example is equally outdated by now. So might as well draw the Jurassic Park velociraptor (aka the version that looks cool)
ZeeMendoza's avatar
about as cool as a hairless bear
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You mean the version that looks like an autistic lizard? And no, the "correct" version is still quite close to the accepted truth.
AimeePenguins's avatar
just because something looks weird, doesn't mean you should call it "autistic".
TheHarpyEagle's avatar

You're right, that was an impolite comparison and I apologize for it.

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I find  this is good  and informative
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I just wanted you to know that this tutorial has helped me for years. Thank you.
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And for the one who want to draw a raptor of jurassic park?
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well, then that wouldnt look like a velociraptor, but a _deinonychus_ since the design from jurassic park is more closely related to that raptor species-- accurately, velociraptors were actually roughly the size of turkeys or chickens, making them look quite awkward compared to the jurassic park interpretation(though i still love them)! look up deinos if you want something that looks closer to a jurassic park veloci :> theres a size comparison chart with all the raptors that you should find pretty easily while scouring google for raptor references. hope this helped a bit despite being quite a late response (i casually found this DA image while browsing pinterest)

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Well, then you are not drawing a dinosaur..
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Will rather tell to impose his law, because if I remember myself well the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park was like that that have to consider them
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Your tutorial's image helped with me making this for different raptor variants:

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You forgot the feathers
FloofyDinoLover's avatar
This tutorial really helped me make raptors! Hopefully I will learn to be better at making the feet and fingers though.
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Artistically I like incorrect raptor design from the 90's best, although I know both as a dinosaur buff and a paleontological student it's incorrect. :(
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Not all raptors have feathers....
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