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elementary Firefox 31.0

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Published: November 20, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 zeeeeee
Integrate Firefox into elementaryOS.

Run the downloaded file or drag it into a Firefox window.
Or simply go the Mozilla Add-Ons site, here (Check the version number, it always takes a while for Mozilla to aprove the latest version)

You can do it right here and I'll thank you very much.

elementary team, for the excellent UI concept and design credits.
loklaan, for helping and making things easier.
Everyone who simply enjoys the theme.

(FOR PREVIOUS FIREFOX VERSIONS ONLY: along with the appropriate add-on version found here, you will need some tweaking.
- To move the Firefox menu button to the toolbar: Install the Movable Firefox Button add-on; Move the menu button by right-clicking the toolbar and hitting Customize; Remove the add-on to get the gear icon back.
- To get the tabs below the toolbar: type about:config in the location bar, then search for browser.tabs.onTop and change it to false.)
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Perfect integration ! ;) I hope you will update the theme, Firefox is one of the most used app in eOS ...
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Sorry, I've stopped working on the theme a while ago.
Its impossible to keep pace with Firefox UI changes, at least as a hobby.
Thanks for the kind words.
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stsdcHobbyist General Artist
Do you have source code?
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Hi zeeeeee, could you update it for Firefox 41 ? 
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Sorry, I've stopped working on the theme a while ago.
Its impossible to keep pace with Firefox UI changes. Cheers
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yo-bhanHobbyist Artist
hi Zeeeeee, any plan update for FF33.
it doesn't work after update FF on Freya :(

Thanks before :) (Smile) 
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I've been waiting for Freya Beta 2 to fresh install on my brand new SSD so I can't check if its working (I'm using Windows because of work related software), but as of now, I updated the theme to version 33 (in the mozilla site), I hope nothing breaks up.
Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for alerting me!
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yo-bhanHobbyist Artist
Awosome, it's worked :happybounce: 
Thank You so much Zeeeeee Love 
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uudruid74Student Digital Artist
This isn't much different from the default firefox theme.  I'm still getting the 3 lines instead of the gear for example.   This is the latest firefox under Freya.  And why did you remove the search bar under about:newtab?   It would be better to let content be styled by the Stylish plugin or something similar.  There are lots of ways to remove the searchbar - forcing it everyone that uses the UI theme is kinda rough.
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Well I guess the theme is for anyone who can spot the differences between the default theme and this one.
I'm sure not forcing anyone to use the theme.
Thanks for your feedback.
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Have you considered
releasing the theme of open source on GitHub?
So others are free to make major modifications.

quite liked the look,
but have some details that could be improved. As the search bar on the new tab and caption bar that could be removed.

Sorry any inconvenience!
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Hi, I've tried to, but it takes a lot of effort keeping it updated because I'm a real noob with GitHub.
Too much trouble for an amateur guy like me who only figured out a little CSS to integrate his own Firefox in his OS.
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I love this theme. Thanks! Where can I donate some money?
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That would be awesome! but sadly I haven't had time to even think about how to do that. I think I would have to do it through the Mozilla add-on site (or through DeviantArt, eventually), associating my paypal account. Maybe in a few weeks.
Thank you so much for your will to support, it means a lot.
I'm really glad you like the theme. Thanks!
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Let me know! I don´t have a lot of money on my paypal, but I will send the money I have if you set it up. :)
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hey :) i googled a bit and found the tab mix plus addon : addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef…
which i really like (has zillions of features)- allows to place the x button on the left and you can disable the ugly displays it has automatically...
I also like the no click selecting tab after some mseconds, which i think is great for elementary (one thing i like about elementary is the no click features - make my life easier)
The only down-side is that my cpu usage % is slightly higher with the tab mix plus
So maybe these are a few things to consider for the elementary addon?

Oh, and i wanted to ask you what did you study for creating themes? I am finishing school this summer and I am very interested in themes and stuff :)

Thanks a lot - hoping I haven't spammed a lot :p
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some of that stuff is easy to implement (other stuff, not so much).
the placement of the x button is quite easy, it's planned for the next release.

I studied CSS by simply opening an existing theme and trying to change some random lines. I'm still quite amateur.
you can find a lot about CSS allover the web, w3schools is a good start.
you can also find specific stuff about Firefox theming in mozilla forums or simply by googleing any question, there's always people with the same issue you have asking around. after a while its quite rewarding to be able to implement your stuff in Firefox. feel free to ask anything you're having trouble with.

thanks and good luck!
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you probably already know this but:

1) the link you have for previous Firefox version says NOT FOUND
2) the elementary theme for firefox 29 does NOT have the blue elementary bar and
3) the X button to close the tabs is on the right and not on the left.


I am sure you have lots to do but whenever possible could you rectify these things?
or if there is an easy solution for any of the three (especially the button on the right) could you tell me?

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1- the last parenthesis got stuck to the link :P it's corrected now.
2- if you're talking about the progress bar, neither had the other versions. that takes a bit of coding skills that I don't have.
if you're talking about the "selected" state in the menus, you're right, some of the firefox 29 menus are different from others, I have no idea why. but i'll fix that eventually. I'll even try to correct the blue ones (which is not exactly like the elementary "selected" state)
3- yes, thats planned to happen in the next release.

thank you! that really means a lot.
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erm...i didn't mean the progress bar....i meant the blue overlay scrollbar that elementary apps have....(like the orange overlay ubuntu scrollbars)
I searched and found that firefox has some issues with these scrollbars but your previous theme for firefox 28 had the scrollbars...is there a simple way to put them on? - i really do love them :)
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Oh, the overlay scroolbars, I was actually more inclined to remove them because the elementary team has some other ideas for those, and most people dislike them anyway.
There's no easy way to implement those scrollbars, I had a very tricky hack to simulate them, and they had some issues I couldn't solve (they were actually invisible, only showed on mouse over, which gave me a lot of headaches with page elements beneath them). But I promise I'll think about it before the next release.
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Gostava de saber se planeias atualizar este excelente tema, quando o Firefox atualizar a versão estável para a interface Australis.
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Sim, mas para já não vou alterar tudo, apenas integrar a barra de navegação, com as tabs incluídas, e alguns pormenores, como os popups.
Os ícones vai ser à medida que tiver tempo. É que as alterações no UI foram enormes.
Mas uma coisa é certa, vai funcionar melhor que as minhas últimas versões do tema, porque estas já não estavam sincronizadas com as novas versões do Firefox.
Esta versão foi feita de raiz.
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