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Painted some spaceship silhouettes last week and today detailed one of them to make this scene. Not sure where the ships are going but called the scene Intercepted as they seem to be in a hurry.

Painting in Photoshop with an Intuos 4. Used a cloud texture for the top half of the image... other than that all painted.
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moving hotel ship
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These look like colony/world ships leaving for a new setting.
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Yup. I guess you could look at it like that too :)

Sorry for the delayed reply... missed your message.
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Hi love your work Im am creating a new sci fi movie and Im looking for spaceship, drone and alien designs Id love to use your work or work together to create new ideas my email is
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Thanks for liking the work :)

Currently booked up with work... Happy to do some initial concepts for you. Of course paid work only :)
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Sort of looks like a face going like this:

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cool that's a new one :)
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at the age of 17 i once had a dream about a giant space ship hovering above us - it looked quite like this one but like 20 of these put together... like when it very slowly hovered by you almost couldn't see the other end about one mile away... i remember this dream because it was so very impressive and felt like real...
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That's an impressive dream, must have been amazing if you can still remember it so vividly :)
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I've seen this picture dozen of times and never put it in my favourites... Seriously I don't know why, it's just great =D
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thanks man, glad you liked it.

You got some awesome drawings in your gallery man! really confident line work!
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Not so confident in fact, my drawing were the result of a lot of preparation :p
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hehe keep up the good work man!
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Ok, I'm going to have to build these in Second Life, if that's ok with ya?
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hehe knock yourself out :)

Would love to see the final result once it's done.
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awesome paint :) i like it much :D
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It is simple and a nice composition. ;)
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Thanks Joanna, appreciate the feedback!
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Absolutely brilliant.
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Thanks for the comment Cameron :)
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