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As I looked at the computer screen, I knew that Drachea Rannak's :icondrachearannak: Dwarf Planet Senshi contest was perfect for me. [link] I remember Sailor Moon. I loved it as a kid. And it seemed to roll back to me whenever I was online. I can't escape my roots! Might as well embrace it.

I decided to take the direct approach and craft a Sailor Eris. Now it would seem like she would basically be chaos and discord and all that jazz, but if you look deeper in the original mythology, you notice something.

Eris is a sociopath. And with that, I introduce Risuno Akane. Ankane Risuno in the western order.

Name: Risuno Akane (Squirrel of Redness.)
Dub Name: Anne Risueño
Age: 14
Blood Type: O negative
Birthday: March 15
Dream: To see the end of the world.
Likes: To see people suffering, the taste of blood, the sight of blood, apples (to the point that they are the only food she will eat), and cats.
Dislikes: Being excluded, being imprisoned, therapists, pain.
Arguments amuse her, as long as she gets out of the way after she starts them. Quite the quiet child actually. Akane tends to stalk around people she likes, dislikes, or is curious about. She also carries around a curious jar of pickled apples everywhere.

Personal History:
She was raised by a relatively quiet family in the suburbs of Tokyo; a stay at home mom and a salaryman father respectively. They were very careful to raise their only daughter well, so why was she trying to dismantle the cat? It seemed like everywhere she went, violence and drama ensued, and nobody wants that. So her parents moved from apartment to apartment, hoping for the day that their world will be at peace.

Akane, on the other hand, remembers her imprisonment durning the Silver Millennium era quite well, and is now bent on destroying the world, one tiny little step at a time.

Her parents worry about her. Very much so.

The Infernal Monster, Sailor Eris
Transformation Item: Carved Apple (of her own making. It is also in the jar.) She barely uses a phrase though. It's most likely something like "Eris Planet Power, Make up," or some other nonsense.
Realms of Influence: Apples ,Strife, Discord, Insanity
Ringo Mogire Beam! (No... that's purely original.)
This attack raises the opponent’s strength and agility, but launches them into a frenzy that makes them strike their nearest ally. Does not work on solo combatants.

Kakodaimones, Activate!
Her main tactic, which involves the releasing of demonic creatures from her pickle jar. That is a phrase you will only hear a few times in your life. And I sincerely hope you will never hear again.

Her final attack involves the lobbing of faced apples at people. Which might or might not explode. What joy.

Past Life:
She was most likely imprisoned for being risk to the safety of the Silver Kingdom. Seems like the combined guilt and isolation for a few thousand years got to her. A shame really, she used to be a bloody good spy.
FUN FACT: Eris is the last of the gods to close an argument. ALWAYS.

Looking at what I wrote, it seems clear that Akane would fit more in the antagonist's seat, creating the youma that the others would fight. I don't mind. I still had fun on this.
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