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FMA -- Winry's Love?

By zeechawan
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Eh, just wanted to draw winry in a different perspective, and I came up with this.

Now, there's no real specification on WHO she's waiting for...you can choose ^^;

If you hate WinryxEd then she's can be waiting for Al. If you hate WinryxAl then she can be waiting for Ed. If you hate both of them, then she's waiting for some random person ^^;

...If you hate Winry in general, then well...you can imagine her as being dead :nod: there we go! Everybody's happy lol =D

P.S. I know the feet are a bit big/weird...but I didn't feel like changing them. And I hope the perspective isn't too off ^^; ENJOY AND WHAT-NOT!!

P.P.S I'm not sure if this is considered Mature content or not, considering that you can't really see anything...but if it is considered mature, then please tell me so I can change it ^^; don't wanna get in trouble for showing a bare bottom hehehee

Edit: scrapped
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Nice! Winry's awesome, and that's a lovely piece of work you got there XD :fave:
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zeechawanHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankuuus XP :glomp: GLOMPAGE FOR FAV! XD
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hopelessromantic721Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a EdxWinxAl fan. So in my head, she's waiting for both! :D Yep! She looks so cute! Great pic! ^v^
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genaminnaProfessional Traditional Artist
lol, I don't really mind any of the couplings XD... um... I think they'd be happy either way ^^; ^^; (my way of copping out) XD nice pic tho...:heart:
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Ohh, pretty! I think you did a nice job on the perspective. I love her eyes! :3 ..And I like Winry. I think she is so awesome. WinryxEd is good, but that doesn't mean I don't like Al. Alphonse doesn't need Winry. It can be AlphonsexMe. xD
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Ahah, everybody's happy now!

Aww, cute-ness!
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So pretty! And her feet look fine. Any smaller, THEN they'd look weird. They're perfect. So is her hair. I love the hair. ;-;
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vicemageHobbyist Artist
Very nice. I really like the way you did the feet (sorry if that's weird, but they look good!) and the pose. I would suggest making the wings look a little less like they're flat objects stabbed into the back and more like they're actually growing out of the back, but the way you drew the wings is very nice, and that's something I see a lot of artists neglect. Overall, it's very nicely done!
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zeechawanHobbyist Digital Artist
ooh thanks! I've never really drawn wings that ppl can see them coming out of the back, but thanks for the critique, I never really thought about that ^^;
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vicemageHobbyist Artist
Heh, a lot of people just don't think about it; I used to do a lot of sculpting of winged figures so I had to think about it a lot, and tend to notice it now. Everything else is so nice, though, so don't worry too much, but give it a try sometime, it's kind of fun. ^_^
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Mini-PHobbyist General Artist
Aaw... that's just so sweet. I love the wings and the feet(i can never draw feet so I admire everyone who cans), and the whole anatomy is spot on! Great job! :D
And to me she's waiting for both of them, pairings aside, since there's so much love between all of them ^_^
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zeechawanHobbyist Digital Artist
aww that is a cute idea X3 she's waiting for all of them because they're one big family, oooooh so cute ^_^ Thanks for the idea!
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I'm going to imagine it's not Winry. :slow:
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