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sold, no more available :)

Suggestions are always welcome

Much love

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This is an amazing work from =zee7, everything in this layout seems amazing. Good typography usage, good choice of colors, even if a yellow color scheme would look great on header and footer backgrounds.

The structure is well thought, and so is the white-space which is almost perfect if not perfect.

Also the little details like those smooth textures in the sidebar gives this layout a clean feel.

The slideshow is also well-made and looks great.

The only thing that I think that is pushing this layout way down is the logo. I know that it is just a placement but would look great to see a logo integrated in this amazing layout.

The search bar is also greatly integrated in the header.

And that's it, =zee7 made a stunning web interface design and I hope as for sure many of you want, to see more works from =zee7 with the quality of this one.
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Thank you for your critique towards the work I have done on this layout. I really appreciate it.

I do agree with you in regards of the logo not blending in with the design well, as this isn't the original logo. The original logo was to be done throught the end of the deal, yet sadly, it was cancelled.

Now, as you know, this design has been rejected, therefore, I am no longer willing to work on the logo. If someone plans to buy the design, then I might consider it.

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very nice work !
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nice very clean work dear :)
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i dont know what should i say something about this design but duDe u gonna rock
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very nice work
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Really , very good design :)
hope to visit my gallery and put ur comments
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Like it very much.
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Hello there!

Very inspiring and beautiful web-design I must admit!

I showcased it in my website here - Creatives Showcase: 38 Deviantart August Inspirational Pieces.

Let me know if everything is okay, or maybe you don't like to be featured, just tell me and I will take it off. Let me know and thanks for your time!
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thanks for feature :)
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Awesome man. Love it!
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I really dont believe this one got rejected, its a pitty though, awesome work mate!
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nice work, its neat and clean
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really great work - your skill is just pure awesomeness!
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thanks dainix :)
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Hi I like all the detail and the colors but i think some elements need to be readjust
for example breaking news is not so visible as it should be is to week an I think is an important element because i want to see the main news
suggest and win it doesn't say anything to me

in the news if i want to see more where do i click?

also there's any reason for you to have 3 rows of pictures in different size
it have any importance? i think they should remain equal and the arrow pointing down
i think it would be a drop down something not a link

but yo have a nice work

sorry for my english
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i like the idea of the site but i don't linke some details!

1. Left menu
2. Tipography ( many simple )
3. position for ADS MODULE

I like
1. Top menu
2. Colors combination
3.Interface manipulation

great job! ^^
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thanks for your suggestion mate :)
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