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yea, its not my best.

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"yea, its not my best."
not your best is still amazing! how did you do the fabric-looking textures for the red curtain looking element and the gray navigation bar??
wow, nice interface too
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aj kal diagonal lines kuch zayda he pasand ai hui hyn ap
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nahi esi baat nahi hai, client kuch esa hi chahta tha :)
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Quite Impressive Design Bro
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Nice! good work =)
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nice work check your email or I'll have to write testimonials here about Ahmed Zaman's website ;)
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Nice work Zee
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would love to do PSD to HTML, if you permit !
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its already done :)
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I really like the middle area, soft and clean, it stands out to the rest, very nice combination!!
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Nice man, it looks good, interesting idea to use the texture for the content background, not too sure about that one if I'm being honest, but I like it. It may not be your finest work but you've done a good job man, the colours are looking especially sexual.
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:) thank you!
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WoW Nice design
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well i really liked, nice color scheme too (:
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Dude. I LOVE this.
You say it's not your best, but it is miles away from being the worst.
Keep up the fantastic work.
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thanks man!
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really nice project. +1 for you ;-)

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The middle layout is excellent. Now a few things that could be improved on: inner light (corner lightning) for the badge the logotype is on might improve it. Currently the bottom part doesn't really stand out the way it could. The slider shadow is too intense. Make it a bit more opaque (15-30%). The radio buttons might work better with dark red gradient and 1px (it currently seems 2px) drop shadow. The footer top white gradient doesn't really fit. Perhaps if it was less opaque and/or same color as the middle bg it would fit better. Well, I suppose I needn't to tell you what to do as you're very good designer, just mentioning few things that caught my eye. ;)
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thanks for the instructive feedback uribbani. i personally like middle area bottom and top both were client's choice, i was helpless :)
i'll keep these suggestions in mind if i edit it in future. thank you!
btw love your wallpapers :)
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Well I disagree, I think while a obvious layout style that's constantly used everywhere, I think you made it more your own, I love it :)
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