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Hello to everyone~

This is a group for all kinds of adopts.

:bulletgreen:Joining: Join requests are automatically accepted. Everyone can join, even people who never submit anything.

:bulletpurple:Submissions: All kinds of open adoptables are accepted. You can use lineart and bases in your adoptable, however, credit needs to be given where it’s due. Maker adopts are only accepted if they are free. Empty lineart and bases (P2U and F2U) aren’t accepted. Submission limit is 5 per week. AI Adopts are strictly not allowed.

Group rules:

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folder. The adoptable goes to their species' respectable folder. Works submitted to the wrong folder will be removed.
:bulletblue: Only submit open adopts. There is no need to remove closed adopts from the group as they will be moved to the 'Closed' folder by an admin.
:bulletblue: Please have open or closed listed in the title
:bulletblue: All kinds of adoptables are accepted. You can use lineart and bases in your adoptable, however, credit needs to be given where it’s due.
:bulletblue: Any kind of payment is accepted for adoptables.
:bulletblue: NO advertisement in the group’s comments.
:bulletblue: If you see any theft, please report it to the group instead of flaming the user.
:bulletblue: AI adoptables are strictly not allowed.

:bulletblack: ART THIEVES :bulletblack:
We're going to keep tabs here of Art Thieves that we've come across (and even if they deactivate they will still be named here in case they reactivate). Please don't buy from them, and don't flame them! Just report and be done with this scum <3

:bulletblack: The-Shiny-Eevee
:bulletblack: tiggy077aj

Gallery Folders

Raoylein Adopt CLOSED Auction by CometShine
Gift for Arii-Knave: Ro'Ahk by Frilly-Dragoness
Mini Adoptables ~ set 01 ~ Mini dragons [open] by Revedekat-adopts
The Golden Trumpet by SonicBornAgain
Contest folder
ADOPTABLE 9_Zee-Adopts Contest CLOSED by kura-ou
Contest entry adoptable (closed) by Faesu
#Zee-Adopts Design Comp Entry (Theme: Autumn) by BeIIPaws
[Adoptable] - Autumn Fox Lady - OPEN by Revedekat-adopts
Human, humanoid, kemonomimi, NO ANTHRO
[OPEN] |ADOPTABLE AUCTION 2024 no.010-011 by TaeSarayut
Adopt[Open] Fairy Queen by emris-draw
[CLOSED] |ADOPTABLE AUCTION 2024 no.009 by TaeSarayut
[Open]  Set Price Adoptable #46 by Kurumai-Art
Humans and Humanoids 2
Adopt auction #39 - (OPEN) by Dromi-chi
[OPEN] Auction #5 by Maaziik
[OPEN] Chibi Adopts - #6 by Goreimm
(OPEN) Animation Adopt Auction 146 Horn by Anrig
Anthros and Furries
adoptable auction [OPEN] by mazykka
Garden of FunFun (Adopt CLOSED) by DyeDy
Deep Space Kobold - Adopt [OPEN] by EridaVigon03
Satyr Adopt [OPEN] by polstakana
Other humanoids, adopts with multiple forms

Mature Content

MADDI // open by toko-vega
[AUCTION CLOSED] - pack of sweet slimes by RuruChan228
Warriors Designs [OPEN] by blushthief
Lioness adopt sheet batch three 2/6 OPEN by SoloSandwich
Sassy Lion cub adopt sheet 2/5 OPEN by SoloSandwich
AUCTION OPEN - The Jade Samurai by Beaver-XX
Adopt auction OPEN by BlueFox888
Adopt 369 : Baby Mechamon LXXI | OPEN (2/9) by I5HIMARU
January Wolf Adopt Batch Auction [$3] 12/15 OPEN] by LHarris14
Adopt Fixed price (OPEN) by 13WhiteFox13
Equine and hooved
MLP Next Gen Adoptables Pack Auction OPEN [0/5] by All619
pony Adopt Sheet7 by SoloSandwich
CLOSED by FishArts98
Cow Pack [2/2] | auc open by MaximKoshe4ka
Avian and winged
Cloud dragon adopt auction {OPEN} by Kuwoby
Galaxy Bat Adopt OPEN $6 by SuccubusAlbedo
Adopt auction #11| CLOSED by Minarma
Adopt for sale by purpleglock18
[OPEN 10/10] Rainbow rabbits 30pts by Revenade
(Closed) Pure Chastity by XenozXlll
Leviathan [adopt open] by rawwwwrw
Mythological animals, NO HUMANOIDS

Mature Content

adopt 61 [OPEN] by Hinecko-Rin
CS and original species
Eyes of Ether Adopts [8/10 OPEN] by Hecateadopt
CLOSED | Mystery MoeBear Adopts | Set Price by RicuusLilShop
Weapons, outfits, etc.
(Open!) Auction Outfit design #557 by Daa29
Mixed sheets
Adopts Commissions Bases | Reminder by BennettWallace
Other species
Genets - Adopts [OPEN] by Verbrannt74
Breedables Ship Charts
Personal OC Breedable (Sabertooth) - Open by ToonsAdopts
YCH Sukkubus / OPEN by SonataPolaris
F2U and P2U Bases
6 legged feline P2U base 2023 by DamonWildFire
Journals and Commissions
[DISCOUNTED] $10 FULLBODIES by crezvcluu
Not sure where to adopt
Closed adopts
[CLOSED] Auction - Icon Ych by FaerTech98
Closed adopts 2
(CLOSE) Custom Adoptable by NEKOJUSTMIN
Closed adopts 3
Auction Adopt (Closed) by HelliShea
Closed adopts 4
CLOSED Pokemon Adoptable auction by bomnall
Closed adopts 5
[CLOSED] AUCTION Adoptable outfit #231 by xxbld03








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Looking for a group with varied adoptables of all sorts? Take a look at Zee-Adopts.
Founded 10 Years ago
Oct 19, 2013


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Hey y'all! Your founder Glasiar here.

The group has gotten a little abandoned since I've been busy with college and I've been far more active on my Toyhouse account than here on my DeviantART accounts (truth is, I kinda abandoned dA as well, rip), but I've found the time in my schedule to keep Zee-Adopts up again. I'll be online here every few days to accept submissions, so hopefully the group becomes active once more!

I'm still looking for some people who want to help me out with the admin process of the group. All you have to do is have a basic understanding of the rules and some free time and effort every day. That way, should anything prevent me from keeping up the group, there's a safety net that helps keep it active nonetheless. Going through the notifications of two days takes me about 5 minutes, so it's barely an intensive job at all.

If interested, check out the journal here!

Let's finish this journal with something fun: how was your 2018? Made some good adoptables or OC content? Feel free to discuss in the comments of this journal!
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Bid on the main post:
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  • MI: $3
  • AB1: $90 (Commercial)
  • AB2: $150 (Commercial + Line Art +Without Mask +Character design sheet
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