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I made a bunch of parchment papers the other week. Here, have one.
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Thanks, again, for posting, This helped with Save Hoofs (COVID Protocols Edition) & Save Hoofs, in response to the Site Update: Hoofs Banned, by team

:thanks: -Cat…

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oh! and here's he image to be featured on the website :) [link]
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is it okay for you if I use this texture on an image which will be featured in a website's layout? It's non-profit, personal website for myself and my text-based forum role-playing game.

Just wanted to ask before using it. I will, of course, give you full credit :)
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Hi Zed! Thanks for the amazing parchment stock image! I used it here, let me know what you think!
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I used this as a faint overlay on this piece:

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used for a school project thanks
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Use here ~> [link]
Thanks!! :love:
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Used ur texture here--> [link]
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Used this texture here: [link]

The image will be featured in the :iconmk-rebirth: Mortal Kombat Fan Art Tribute. Non-profit.
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Used your texture here: [link] many thanks for uploading such a great texture.
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Used your texture here! Thanks so much! :heart::love:
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Great texture! I just used it here [link] :) thank you!
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Hello, I used this texture here: [link]
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Favorited you so I can credit you when I post my image.
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Hey, I used this here:[link]
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This is really nice. :)

Used here: [link]
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Used your stock as a background for my digital drawing :) [link]
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Used your stock here: [link]
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Used it here: [link] Thank you! :heart:
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