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Trapped in Stone



A system always
reverts to its
most chaotic state.

I was here

So no matter how
you try...

How much

much you
fight it

dictates I
always come

Cover art for the song "Trapped in Stone" (click for link) by LasFas.

I've been meaning to do Discord fanart for a while now. SO, thank you for that, LasFas ;D

I am so out of it today... So much art. No idea how this came out so nicely by comparison.

Feels good, though.
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To quote eurobeat brony, this piece is "a terrifying work of art"! The dark lighting, the dramatic lightning, and the malicious glare of Discord's eye really bring life to your artwork. And the chocolate rain is a nice touch.
While this not entirely your original work (seeing as Discord belongs to Hasbro), it is one of the best pieces of fan art for the show that I've ever seen! I feel as if I can see the wheels turning in his twisted brain as he plots his revenge!
And the fact that this only took you two hours astounds me! I myself could never create such a masterpiece in such a small amount of time! Well done!
All in all, this is a wonderful piece of fan art and an artistic masterpiece! You should honestly consider selling posters of this piece at Bronycon!

Your vision is astounding! The lightning, the crumbling stone, the chocolate rain.....!

As I've said already, I cannot give this 5 stars for originality because Discord is not yours. But this is the most unique artwork I've seen for his release.

Your technique is that of a pro! You make excellent use of whatever tools you used and created a masterpiece that I will never forget!

After everything I've already said, I see no reason to explain the impact this has had on me. You have created a true masterpiece, and I look forward to seeing more masterpieces from you in the future!
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