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Don't ask me for contests or to RP. Yer gonna have a bad time.

Also don't ask if you can ask a question--you can! Just ask it already!

I predominately go by Zedrin. I'm an animator and digital artist. I'm not very chatty but don't be afraid to ask me things, especially for technical help.

Just don't leave a comment that's essentially just 'hi' 'sup.' Make sure you've actually got something to say.

If you like my art and characters, consider supporting me on Patreon!

Some Quick FAQ stuff:

:bulletyellow: I am present on: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart, Youtube, Newgrounds, Redbubble, and Teepublic.
:bulletyellow: I am NOT present on Amino, Instagram, or FurAffinity. If you see 'me' on there, it is not me.
:bulletgreen: Do you do requests? No. No I'm not gonna make an exception for you. If you approach me acting like you're entitled to a request you're gonna get called names.
:bulletred: Can I use your art? Well that's a vague question. If it's for just an avatar or something, and it is NOT one of my OCs or commissioned works, sure, just credit me somewhere. If it's for something like a mobile game or anything that is sold or distributed, absolutely not.
:bulletgreen: Can I make something based on your ideas? Go ahead, even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to stop you. Ideas are always free, my dude.
:bulletred: Can I draw your characters? Certainly! Even if it's NSFW!
:bulletgreen: Do you RP? No. Don't ask if I do. If you do I will just give you a screenshot of this FAQ.
:bulletred: Can I RP as your character? No. If you actually enjoy RPing I'd imagine you'd have at least a modicum of creativity to be more original in that case.
:bulletgreen: I have a contest and-- I don't care. Don't post your contests to my page
:bulletred: Do you draw NSFW? Tons. I don't post (most) of it here. If NSFW is a problem with you, I honestly don't care.
:bulletgreen: Why do you never post? I'm more active on tumblr. zedrin-maybe is my main blog and zedrin-butts is my NSFW. I do not link to this directly cause I don't want kids going to it.
:bulletred: Can I make a base of your work? Absolutely not. You can use my stuff as reference material if it helps you make your own. Vectors are also fine as long as they aren't resold or are in a format that people can easily download and resell. Traces and bases however are scum.
:bulletgreen: Can I repost your art to my page? Check and see if I don't have it up on that location first, which then I prefer you to just share from that via things like 'share' 'retweet' or 'reblog.' If I'm not on there, just kindly cite my DA, Tumblr, or Twitter, whichever fits best. DA (zedrin.deviantart.com), tumblr (zedrin-maybe.tumblr.com), twitter (@zedrinbot), or facebook (@Zedrinbot).
:bulletred: I'm working on an animati- I'm not going to work on your animated film.
:bulletgreen: Can I have your Skype/Discord? I don't give out my steam/skype/discord, save for friends I already am close to.
:bulletred: What do you use to draw? I use Toon Boom Harmony, Flash CS6, and Clip Studio Paint as my primary tools
:bulletgreen: Can you teach me? I can't teach people individually, but I have a host of tutorials on my youtube and am always willing to answer artistic and animated questions. There are no stupid questions when it comes to those.
:bulletred: Do you want to chat? I am not talkative, especially on here. Please don't send me a note expecting to strike up casual conversation with no real reason in mind.

Favourite Visual Artist
Like seriously
Favourite Movies
how is this list supposed to work?
Favourite TV Shows
Is it even possible for it
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
to stay up to date reliably?
Favourite Books
Interests change frequently.
Favourite Writers
What I like as a 'favorite' one week might be different the next.
Favourite Games
So this list isn't really ever gonna stay relevant.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Save my preferred system will remain the computer
Tools of the Trade
And I specialize in Photoshop, Flash, After Effects
Other Interests
But beyond that it's hard to describe.


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The form of the door is pretty stable, and the lighting seems to be pretty consistent there. Judging just from this piece, it would appear your strongest focus so far is backgrounds.

The piece itself is a little hard to make out. The arm feels a little formless, and there's not enough showing to really judge anatomy very strongly. I'd recommend doing more to the arm in the future. If you're looking to do a shadowy effect, I'd recommend using a smoother brush with a bit of softening, and follow up with some of the smudge tool to make it more whispy. You can also duplicate a solid form, then blur the duplication and mess with that to make it look like it's bleeding shadows.

For a scary piece, lighting is almost everything. It can help to get everything in the same hue/desaturate it all a little bit. You'll want lighting to contrast heavily around the key element of the piece, or even around it (which would suggest an absence of light) to help make it stand out. In a case like this, a dark room with light coming from behind the door, with a shadowy tendril creeping around the edge would be a possibility. Or you could have a dim room, with a black entrance, and then put glow on the arm coming around the corner. Desaturation on very scary elements can also give them a ghostly glow.

Try looking at your images in grayscale and see where the lighting contrasts the heaviest. That's the best way to improve drama and impact.
soul of a child
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The biggest thing you need to tackle would be your anatomy. When drawing humans, look for reference images, [link] has a lot of good resources and training tools: you're given an image for 30 seconds and have to draw its form as fast as possible.

I'd recommend practicing gesture drawing: loosely sketching out what you want before going over them with heavier lines. [link]
If you notice, her eye is up really far, the man's ear is too far back, and their heads are a little lopsided. Some of these you can fix from just more practice, but some harder parts it may be easier to just draw alongside a reference image.

Biggest recommendation I can offer: map out your heads first, but then draw the torso before adding the facial features. The torso is the core, so it should be central to every figure you make.

You seem to have the good practice of making backgrounds, even on simple works-- a lot of early artists put those on the backburner and learn them later. Practicing them early on not only helps make them better, but helps with learning perspective.
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Not bad at all.

Flash loops are dependent on the music quality in addition to the animation, and this one benefits from a relatively clean loop.

The motions and recoils are all very well done, you made sure to hit MOST everything. A small note though, the animation loop isn't perfect: you can tell where the animation repeats, most noticeable if you look at her mane and tail.

The lighting synched with the muzzle flare was a very nice touch. Detailing on assets was also pretty solid. Even got a blink cycle worked in there.

A play button might've been useful, but I know how it is with not wanting to use them for loops.

I dunno if this was something you did or if it was just flash being dumb, but the edging seems a little pixelated. (I've noticed CS5 has this issue with asset-heavy scenes.) Additionally I would've used a slightly better sound-maybe extracted from TF2, or just overhauled a little more in an audio editor.

Overall, pretty solid.
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