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December 19, 2016
FF - Black Mage by Zedotagger
Featured by ValaSedai
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FF - Black Mage

Commission for

Basically he asked for a black mage, but with a big ol' beard like his.  And this is the result.
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© 2016 - 2021 Zedotagger
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Tygrish's avatar

Looks great!

Masa-Mima's avatar
Fantastic art!
aliend00d's avatar
Holographicmatt's avatar
I absolutely love this!
altergromit's avatar
...Vivi's father? :lol:
jokov's avatar
nice picture
Darrung's avatar
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  Tsunade 
mupaa's avatar
This is amazing, I love your pixel art! Hits close to home heh
Edelslav's avatar
There's some memories right there. 
YunaKozue's avatar
coul you tell me wich programm you used fo this)
Zedotagger's avatar
I drew and animated it in graphicsgale.
Isuw's avatar
This is lit af
Ah! I love it!
atadtoad's avatar
O  i like this a lot =D
LiampOConnor42's avatar
Because everyone knows facial hair acts as additional mana storage space! Or at least looks cool.
GreenIsLean's avatar
The beard is the best part lol everything looks great.
Ururuty's avatar
Drawacircle4theworld's avatar
Why can't I stop giggling!!!????!!!!
shockaLocKer's avatar
Oh look, Greybeard Veigar
Aeryma's avatar
I love it, brings me back <3 haha. :)
MellowSunPanther's avatar
My experience with Final Fantasy is very limited, but this whole work makes me nostalgic for those games whose graphics looked like this.
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