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Dark Souls - Tomb of the Giants

Happy Halloween everyone!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this one honestly.  I originally used brighter colors, but the area is very dark and saturated in game.  So this happened.
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You decided well when u tuned down the colours. This resembles pefectly the tomb of giants. That boney in the right bottom corner looks just as creepy as they are in game when u first encounter them xD or any other time...
thebuttermage's avatar
Nope just nope *runs away*
LittleLadyLaiho's avatar
I really enjoy this collection of art pieces. :)
DuckyTheDirtbag's avatar
[after skeleton beast kills you] 

Ashlynneatscookies's avatar
Fucking hell that place. I watched my brother try and play through that place and he raged so hard xD
sowerofash's avatar
Fuck you for making me try to turn the sound up >:'(
MikaInk's avatar
realy cool.
there needs to be a point and click dark souls adventure XD
MrDibara's avatar
Oh, God... ;_;
eltoNNNNNN's avatar
very nice art you have
Nighteba's avatar
Amaazing man...
Yoo. this is sooo cool. Im really glad it turned out the way it did anyways. like a stand off 
Saranoske's avatar
I love this animation. The atmosphere and those skeletons. Just great.
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I think this piece perfectly translates the feeling of "holy smith, I'm so dead right now" that we all felt in our hearts when we first arrived there... Loved it!
Spartannr1's avatar
I really like this :D  It would look way better on black background.
jack12321's avatar
oh my god I freaking hate that place; those skeleton walkers are  terrifying

but legit AMAZING job! It looks fantastic :D
Zeb6y's avatar
This is awesome ;v; That area tho, plz
AK-Manga's avatar
Colors are spot on! The skeleton monsters have unique and jerky movements which adds to their mysterious and frightening nature. I'd be hard pressed to find any criticisms on this piece, well done!
Pentacoil's avatar
I love that oldschool look :)
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Awesome work! :D (Big Grin) 
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oh man, fuck that area. 
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